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Future is gonna change...

Gabriele Piccione

on 12 June 2014

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Transcript of Domotics

Yes, you've correctly read!
Let's pretend we're late for a dinner... So, what to do?
Just going out as fast as possible!
Oops, we forgot lights on... No problem,
since the system will notice our absence
and switch lights off, but not only... In fact,
the house will also activate by itself the
security system and protect her selves against intruders, notifying possible alarms by sms or call. In addition, the system is designed so that you can add
wired or wireless ip-cams. By adding this additional feature,
ip-cams will automatically send via e-mail, using
motion detection, pics of thieves in
Future is gonna change...
Passive infrared sensors, motion detecting sensors, RFID, light and temperature, these are only few of the available sensors. They can sense the environment and suggest the entire system to adapt in function of it. Let's try to make an
example: if rain is expected, the
control panel will know it by asking
the weather forecast service, so it
will autonomously take actions in
order to avoid possible problems
(it will close doors and windows).
How does it work?
The "Brain" of the entire system is usually located in the junction box,
because there you can find all the electric wires that pass through the
walls of the house and have the ability to switch lights and devices on.
By putting the C.U. (control unit) in there, you will give her the ability
to control everything (included actuators), using A/C (alternated
current) relays.
Intelligent tasks:
To properly work, a domotic system needs lot of sensors, which are able to wirelessly send data to the entire system.
Not only, using domotics can make your life better, but there is also a big
advantage of using it, in fact you can save up to the 60% of energy.
Installing a domotic system has never been easier!
Gabriele Piccione
An introduction of
Generic definition:
The word "domotics" comes from the union of two words, domus (house, in latin) and the suffix -ic(s), which means relevant to.
It describes a wide range of techniques and technology applications, with the goal of providing services to help people living better. It consists of a series of sensors and actuators, connected each one together to a main control panel, with the assignment to continuously check them and do tasks in order to make life easier for humans.

-Touchscreen panels are a common way
to interact with domotic system, because
they are pretty simple to use, user-friendly
and not too expensive.

- Tablets and smartphones are also a good
solution because with the same device used to call, text and watch e-mails,
you will be able to simply control the home automation system -also remotely-
using a simple browser or a specific application designed for popular
mobile-based operative systems like Android or IOS.
In order to interact with the whole domotic system, you
will need some special components which are able to
easily communicate with the central unit.
Thanks for watching!
Approx. budget: 100€
Now, with ArduMotics, a project made by me, you will need only few things to get started with your personal home automation system.
Arduino Mega 2560
Ethernet Shield
Temperature and humidity sensor (DHT11 + LM35)
315, 433, 915 Mhz Tx/Rx NRF-905
5V DC Relays interface (optional)
Lan cable
Real-time clock module with battery (DS1302)
Usb or 12V DC power supply (less than 1A)
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