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Kylie Conneely

on 22 November 2016

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Ancient Mexican Civilizations
by: Kylie Conneely
they all grew corn, also they are all good farmers,a difference Maya grinded stone Olmec fished and Aztecs grew gardens.
they all played ball games also they all had plazas and differences are Maya hunted Olmec had ceremonies and Aztecs had 2000 people.
they all made masks and also sculpted differences are Maya used rubber Olmec did carvings and Aztec did music.
math / science
they all used numbers and also they all used calendars differences are Maya used bar and dot Olmec used astronomy and Aztecs sewed.dasjfdhaskjdha
they traded produce and also they all traded with other people differences are Maya traded corn beans and squash Olmec traded jade and Aztec traded animal skins.
social organization
they all had temples and they all had schools differences are Maya had rock statues Olmec were organized and Aztecs had myths and legends.
they all used calendars and also they all used symbols differences are Maya studied stars Olmec did glyphs Aztec had books with pictures.

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