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Women's Rights

No description


on 27 May 2015

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Transcript of Women's Rights

Women's Rights
Brief History
Can you believe that in the United States and other places girls during the 1800's were told that they were not as smart as boys? In fact it has been this way for hundreds to thousands of years. When girls grew up and got married the law said that they had to obey their husbands so they were basically treated like slaves. But many women didn't think that was fair. That's why in 1848 a group of women met in Seneca Falls, New York to discuss women's rights, and that is how the women's movement began. Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony led the group. At this convention women talked about
towards women. They knew that it could affect women and girls for
to come.
Women in Politics and education
Girl Stereotypes
health and reproductive rights
the world
What Women Fought For!
Women were not allowed to wear pants.
Women didn't and still don't have the same job opportunities and pay as men.
They were not allowed to ride a bike or play most sports.
If parents got divorced, the dad got to keep most of the money, the kids, and all of the
belonging to the family.
Women were not allowed to go to school.
They were not allowed to speak in front of an audience with men in it.
65 million school age girls are not allowed to be in school throughout the world.
In the 1900s women
19% of all college degrees, but by 1985 it had grown to 49%. The percentages got higher and higher throughout the years.
Oprah Winfrey opened up a boarding school in Africa, the school teaches girls about leadership and responsibility.
Women who got all A's in college get the same pay as men who get all C's in college.
Two of the highest IQs ever recorded through
testing both belong to women.
Did you know that
14% of active members in the U.S. armed forces today are women. In 1950, only 2% were women.
un-fun fact
It will take
50 years for women and men to get equal
in the United States.
happy fact!
Women do not have the same health and
rights as men. Roughly one women dies every minute because of pregnancy complications, so that means every hour, 60 women die around the world. Some women do not have a say over what happens to their bodies. For example in lots of countries around the world, if a woman is sexually abused, the
is blamed and not the
Also 33.3% (1/3) of girls around the world are married before 18. The marriges are often to older men and not by choice.
There are tons of girl
, here are some examples...
Loves pink
Wears dresses
Loves Barbie
Loves fairies, princesses
and flowers
(and lots
Perfect body
Wears lots of makeup
Doesn't work
Stay at home and cooks
Did you know that if a girl was in the body of a Barbie ,
she wouldn't be able to fit all of her organs inside of her, and her neck would be so skinny that it would not be able to support her head. So in other words, she would die.
Barbie compared to real life.
Women leaders
Women leaders have had a huge impact around the world. They have changed the way people treat and think about women.
Hillary Clinton
The first women to run for president
Amelia Earhart
First woman ever to fly an airplane solo.
Malala Yousafzi
Got shot in the head (And survived) for wanting to go to school, and won The Nobel peace prize.
Oprah Winfrey
Started a school for girls in Africa to learn leadership and responsibility
Elizabeth Cady Stanton
and Susan B. Anthony
In the 1800s she started a women's rights convention
around the world
Women around the world are still struggling for their rights. For example, in Saudi Arabia women can not drive, child marriage still exists, but is not common. In China, some parents who have a baby girl will put their her for adoption because it is considered "bad luck." West Virginia has the worst women's rights in the USA, and in Islam, a man can say, "I divorce thee, I divorce thee, I divorce thee," and then the man and the woman will be officially divorced without having to do any paper work and the woman can not do the same.



thE Clock is Ticking

Current Issues
Although women's issues are better than they were a long time ago, we still have problems. Here are 2 of the many problems we still have today...
In Afganistan and Pakistan the
does not allow women to go school or outside at all unless they are wearing a
or a
. And even then they need to be escorted by a man, or else they could face serious penalty or death.
Women today are paid about 72 cents for every dollar a man makes.
-When something is not equal or it is unfair.
- To have gained possession over something.
- The time period of when somebody is alive.
- A certain way for everyone to be judged.
To reproduce or to make more of something.
- To be the one that gets harmed or targeted.
- To be the one to harm or injure a group of people or one individual person.
-When something is made up about a group people that is not true.
- A group of people who have taken over the Afgan government.
- A large piece of cloth typically worn by Muslim women, covering the entire body except face.
- Another piece of cloth that covers whole face and sometimes eyes too.
- About or a rough answer.
(In the United States)
- An item that belongs to someone.
(In the 1800s)
Muslim women wearing chadors and burkas.
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