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History of Pink Floyd

No description

Anna Szymborska

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of History of Pink Floyd

The group took off their career in 1965. In this year four students of architecture Syd Barrett, Roger Waters, Nick Mason and Rick Wright met each other and founded a group called Pink Floyd 4 friends First Album In 1966 the band started performing in London
in such important and remarkable places as UFO Club, The Marquee Club or The Roundhouse. Soon, they became one of the most famous british psychedelic rock bands of this time. In early 1967, in cooperation with EMI, they released two singles "Arnold Layne" and the follow- up "See Emily Play" which got a warm reception from both critics and fans. In the next few months the band released their astonishing debut album "The Piper's at the Gates of Dawn" which is said to be the one of the greatest british psychedelic rock albums of all time. The Dark Side of the Moon The Beginnings It all began in 1965... Barrett's mental disorders "The Piper" was the only one album recorded under the leadership of Syd Barrett. After that, Barrett was changing and cooperation with him turned out to be impossible, both in studio and live, on-stage. Sometimes he was catatonic. An American Tour was cancelled because of the mental instability of Barrett. He was not able to perform one, whole song, very often changing the lyrics or music. David Gilmour's Time At the beginning of 1968, David Gilmour,
a friend of the band, joined as a fifth
member. He was supposed to perform with the group live, while Barrett was writing lyrics for the songs. It did not work either. Intensifying mental disorders of the former band leader made the rest of the crew to make an ultimate decision: abandoning Syd Barrett. The band stood on the edge of a precipice. Surprisingly, Pink Floyd regrouped and eventually became even more successful than ever before. Experiments Next years were not so successful. Pink Floyd released a few albums, but they were not so innovative and incredible as the first recording. In 1968 "Saucerful of Secrets" appeared. On this recording Barrett performed only in one song. Then, in 1969, Ummagumma was released. That was the most experimental Pink Floyd's album but it did not get a warm reception. In 1971, something more accessible for the mainstream audience appeared in music shops- "Meddle" with an epic, 24 minutes long suite "Echoes". Yet, the greatest success was about to come... In 1973 Pink Floyd released their greatest album and made their brand remarkable all over the world. The album had all: wonderful lyrics, perfect tone, soulful vocals, and great cosmic sound effects. The recording spent incomprehensible 741 weeks on Billboard 200 List and is still a Pink Floyd's bestseller. 1973- 1977 After a huge success of The Dark Side of the Moon, the group was on top. Nevertheless, in 1975 they released next unforgettable album "Wish you were here" dedicated to Syd Barrett. In 1977 "Animals" appeared. This album was more austere than the rest but still amazing. This period of time was the best in Pink Floyd's career. The Wall In 1979 the group released "The Wall". The album tells a story about a modern human building emotional walls aroud himself. The recording, as distinct from the rest of Pink Floyds' pieces, was more like a set of songs than long, epic suits. Although "The Wall" was a success, there were many dissensions in the band itself. Turbulent Years In the 80's the group had huge problems. The Pink Floyd members were fighting with each other and released only one album- "Final Cut" in 1982, which was actually Roger Waters's solo album- he wrote all the lyrics and music. In 1986 Pink Floyd fell apart but luckily for a short time. In 1987, after a court decision, the group continued performing without Roger Waters The Last Albums and Performances In 1987, Pink Floyd, with David Gilmour in charge, released "Momentary Lapse of Reason" and in 1994 "Division Bell".
The band still had a faithful group of fans and a commercial success of these recordings was huge, these albums were not so revolutionary, though. In the year 1995 the band was performing Division Bell and a concert version of "Dark Side of the Moon" on a tour called "Pulse"
In 2005 Pink Floyd reunited at Live 8.
In 2006 Syd Barrett passed away, so did Rick Wright in 2008. The cover of "The Wall" The cover of "The Dark Side of the Moon" The cover of "Animals" The cover of "Wish You Were Here" Summary Pink Floyd was one of the most important group in the history of Great Britain. The band sold over 200 millions albums, that is one of the best results in the history of music. Their most famous distinguishing marks like remarkable and soulful guitar playing of David Gilmour, ambitious lyrics and cosmic experiments with sound are recognizable all over the world and hopefully will be never forgotten.
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