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The Revolt Hotel - Business Plan

No description

Inah Bianca Embile

on 29 November 2013

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Transcript of The Revolt Hotel - Business Plan

Our Mission
Topic 2
Topic 3
to provide you with an exhilirating experience while still upholding your
Our Vision
is to evolve from one hotel to small chains of hotels in the state of Texas

The revolt hotel is located on the border of Frisco and Plano by 121 and Park wood. Frisco and Plano are affluent rapid growing suburbs located 25 minutes from the Dallas international Airport.

Revolt Hotel will provide the area with a new hotel experience. The Hotel will give Frisco and Plano area confidence in staying and having fun without the worries of traveling away from their hotel.

Revolt will have separate buildings for the hotel and the club that will be connected. The hotel will be open year round.

The purpose of the Revolt hotel is to provide a new outlook on the way that people usually expect while checking in at a large hotel chain.

The hotel will hire a full time staff that a luxury hotel offers and another full time staff to manage the Club area. We will hire professional managers, head of the kitchen, and management for every division of the hotel. Omar, Connor, Inah, and Lesley will oversee separate divisions to make sure they are stable and properly functioning.

Executive Summary
In 2002, 54% check in for business reasons; 46% check in for leisure and personal reasons
In 2007, 44 % check in for business reasons; 56 % check in for leisure and personal reasons
In 2012. 40% check in for business; 60% check in for leisure and personal reasons
Industry Profile
Company Profile
Business Reasons
Those who check in for business reasons earn an average of $120,000.00
These people generally come alone

40% of the people spend one night
22% spend two nights
38% spend three or more nights
Leisurely Reasons
Those who check in for leisurely reasons earn an average of $91,000.00
These people generally come in twos or more

47% of the people spend one night
27% spend two nights
26% spend three or more nights
Frisco has a 247% growth rate with a population of 128, 176 people
Plano has a 17.03% growth rate with a population of 272, 068
There are 46 hotels in the Plano-Frisco area
34 hotels in Plano
12 hotels in Frisco

Plano and Frisco have:
Country Clubs
Challenges To Face:
- No customer base
- Profits may be impossible - reports may lean towards increase in debt

- Legal Issues
Business Licenses
Tax and Insurance Obligations
Fair Labor Standards Acts
Rights of Guests to Privacy
Copyright, Trademark, and Patents
Denial of services to guests - a form a of discrimination
Negligence - Minors, Fake IDs, and Alcohol

- Sanitation - issues with cleanliness of hotel (bed bugs and pests), restaurant (the edibility of food, potable drinks)

The Management Team
The Revolt Hotel is an LLC company, overlooked and owned by Lesley Angeles, Omar Gamboa-Trevizo, Connor Pennington, and Inah Embile.

The management team of The Revolt Hotel consists of the Administration Head, Operations Manager, HR, Head of Finance and Legal, Sales and Marketing Manager, Events Director, and the Kitchen Manager.

Kevin Wu – Administration Head
Kevin Wu was born in Shanghai, China in 1949. His major in college was pre-med and did not anticipate becoming an integral part in the business and law world. Working as the cashier at their bakery since childhood, Dr. Wu decided to further his worldly knowledge studied business, and shortly afterwards, he studied law. While in graduate school to earn his Master’s and eventually his Doctorate’s, Dr. Wu was already working as the Vice President of Chinatown Bank. Over the years, Dr. Wu also became involved in China’s Economic Wellness Research, and a Board Member of Bamboo China Airlines.

Manny Gonzales – Operations Manager
Manny Gonzales graduated with a dual major in Political Science and Business Management, and a minor in HR. Mr. Gonzales has worked with different types of industries such as the automotive industry, the banking industry, and as well as the hospitality industry first as an HR and worked his way to the broader part of being an Operations Manager.
Holly Tyler – HR
Holly Tyler has over 25 years of experience in the human resources management. She was involved in different company projects aimed at organization change and betterment, as well as human resources development.

Oliver Chang - Head of Finance and Legal
Oliver Chang graduated with a Master’s Finance and Legal Studies. Mr. Chang is particularly knowledgeable and experienced in areas of financial planning, business management, as well as financial and management control. Mr. Chang has over 45 years of experience in his field.

Aiden Manning - Sales and Marketing Manager
Aiden Manning has more than 17 years of sales and marketing experience in the hospitality industry. He interned and worked overseas in Shanghai, China at the Bamboo Hotel, which is an extension of the Bamboo China Airlines as a sales and marketing manager before moving back in Texas to work for The Revolt Hotel.
Sally Jensen -Events Director
Sally Jensen has more than 10 years of experience as an events director. As a teenager, her life took an entrepreneurial opportunity when she started her own fashion business, selling homemade and own made clothes and jewelry. She also worked an assistant to her aunt’s “Birthday Parties for Children” business. From the two businesses she owned and helped managed, she is now The Revolt Hotel’s Events Director and is successfully completing tasks and assignments given to her.

Erich Espinosa - Kitchen Manager
Erich Espinosa is a successful restaurant owner and entrepreneur for 12 years. She has partnered with The Revolt Hotel in making sure that not only is the food made right, but that all the elements in the restaurant, the kitchen, and anything that is involved in the food service is taken care of as well. Mrs. Espinosa graduated with a degree both Culinary as well as Business Management.
Market Analysis
Target Market
On Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays - 23-35 years old

On Mondays through Thursdays - 35-54 years old
Best Western
Holiday Inn Express Suites
Homewood Suites by Hilton
Southfork Hotel
The Hilton
include breakfast
include pools
Best Western
complimentary breakfast
a business center
workout facility
a coin laundry
Southfork Hotel
shuttle services
fitness room
swimming pool.
Best Western
more useful for people that are traveling rather than actually getting to enjoy all of the amenities they offer.
Southfork Hotel
not as luxurious as other hotels (strength: the price of a one night stay begins at $100.00)
The Product
Promotions and Distributions
Maximize profits at all times - initial investment was very substantial
Build brand awareness - new and upcoming business (link our brand and logo with a great experience)
To be known for:
-its luxurious hospitality experience
-overall safe and enjoyable experience
- a high class hotel and a night club ALL in ONE
Marketing Objectives

Retail Advertising
to attract customers to our fixed location
Surveys and Questionnaires
understand customer needs, perspective on experience, strengths, weaknesses
Selling Approach
offer deals online
Promote through Internet
website, online adds
Distribution will only apply to the consumer goods inside the hotel and night club
-Drinks will come directly from warehouse and shipped by truck to our location

Financial Statements
Income Statement
Balance Sheet
Cash Flow Statement
The Club
The Hotel
The Club building will have 7 floors
-1st Floor - Restaurant, Bar
-2nd Floor - Dance Hall, Bar
-3rd Floor - Hookah Lounge, Bar
-4th Floor - Dance Hall, Bar
- 5th Floor - Karaoke, "Theater", Bar
- 6th Floor - Dance Hall, Bar
- 7th Floor - Open Rooftop, Controllable roof (for rainy and winter season), Pool, Bar

The Restaurant Experience will vary according to guest preference whether they prefer a buffet setting or whether they just want to order individually from our selective menu
Alcohol will be served in all 7 floors
Dance Halls and Bars upgrade with each floor going up
The top floor becomes the "overground" floor

Packages vary according to floor
Coffee-maker in each room - varies in upgrade according to floor
Pick-up/Drop-off between Hotel and Club
Pillow Menu
Penthouse Suite
Presidential Suite
Deluxe Suite
Business Suite

Casual Room
Hot Tub
Bridge towards the Club
Breakfast Buffet served on the floor
Dry Cleaning Delivered
Hot Tub
Bridge towards the Club
Breakfast Buffet served on the floor
Dry Cleaning Delivered
Breakfast Served on 5th Floor
Gym accessible on 5th floor
Dry-Cleaning pick up 5th floor
Bridge on 5th
Bridge on 2nd floor
Breakfast available on 1st floor
Dry-Cleaning pick up 1st floor
Breakfast available on 1st floor
Dry-Cleaning pick up 1st floor
For singles
8th Floor
7th Floor
4th - 6th Floor
1st - 3rd Floor
1st - 2nd Floor
Omar Trevizo
Lesley Angeles
Connor Pennington
Inah Bianca Embile
Professor Latonjia Williams
Introduction to Business
Busi 1301-S70
Fall 2013
Prospective Revenue, Cost and profit
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