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Sour Patch Kids

Sour Then Sweet!

Alejandra Ibarra

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of Sour Patch Kids

Sour Patch Kids Colors & Flavors SOUR PATCH KIDS! The main colors of Sour Patch Kids are red, orange, yellow, and green. The red one is red berry flavored, orange is orange, yellow is lemon and green is lime flavored. 1...2...3
RUN!!! What Are Sour Patch Kids!? Sour Patch Kids are a type of sour candy. The candy is soft, chewy and has a coat of sour sugar on it. Sour Patch Kids are made to look like little kids with crazy hair. Sour Patch Kids are enjoyed by many people, from all ages. First They're Sour & Then They're Sweet. Sour Patch Kids. The Sour Patch Kids slogan. Frank Galatolie created Sour Patch Kids. The Allon Candy Company in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada was the first company to produce the candy in 1972. Now, Sour Patch Kids are one of the best selling candy brands in North America. Sour Patch Kids were originally made to look like men from Mars. So when they were first introduced, they were called Mars Men, to go along with the UFO fad. Actually, they weren't even shaped like kids, they were shaped like aliens. There are different varieties of Sour Patch Kids too. Sour Patch Xploderz, Sour Patch Extreme, Sour Patch Fruits, Sour Patch Kids Berries, and Sour Patch Chillerz are just some of them, there are many more. Sour. Sweet. Gone. The outside is sour.... & the inside is sweet. Sour Patch Kids!!! When I count to 3,
1...2...3, RUN!! Sour Patch Kids commercials show the "kids" being mean and then being nice; Sour&Sweet!
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