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On the Road to Berlin

No description

Austin Chokrev-Evans

on 5 March 2014

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Transcript of On the Road to Berlin

On the Road to Berlin
The Medic Tent
Here is a medic tent not far off the beach, many soldiers often found themselves arriving here, look closely at the bloody stretchers or the blood on the grass. The dark clouds of smoke given off from the frequent bomb droppings
The Battleship
These beautiful beaches in France was the scene of a massacre. On the Morning of June 6Th 1944, thousands of allied soldiers crossed the English channel into Normandy, France. over fifty thousand people died in that single battle
The Beach of Normandy Today
This painting shows the Americans landing on Omaha beach from the German point of view. Take a closer look at the tipped over landing boats and the various artillery explosions
Allied Troops Storm the Beach
In this Painting Allied troops had to scale a large mountain to get into the fight. On the Top of the cliff there is an assortment of items that once belonged to somebody.
With wars come pointless casualties and material damages.
Allied Forces Win
This photo was taken after the battle, support troops are starting to make their way onto the beach, Like in the story there are soldiers looking around for survivors and salvageable items from a fallen comrade
Thesis Statement
Literary Devices
“The awful waste and destruction of war, even aside from the loss of human life, has always been one of its outstanding features to those who are in it.”
-Vivid Imagery
Make reader realize not only the emotional after effects of war, but also the waste and destruction is creates through the materials used to aid the fighting sides during the battle of Normandy on D-Day.
Significance of Title
“On the Road to Berlin” signified the journey of the soldiers and their advancement into Europe, through the Battle of Normandy.
“… Gear that would never be needed again by those who fought and died to give us our entrance into Europe.”
“Over and around this long thin line of personal anguish, fresh men were rushing vast supplies to keep our armies pushing on into France.”
A Question
What did World War 2 achieve? Was it worth it?
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