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Neuron Concept Map

No description

Lex E

on 9 March 2013

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Transcript of Neuron Concept Map

By: Lex Neuron Concept Map Central Nervous System Neurons The cell body determines whether the
message should be sent The spinal cord links the brain to
the rest of the body Dendrites receive messages and relays them
as electrical impulses Stimuli Nerve Impulse send an Axon conducts electrical impulses away from to the Myelin Sheath is fatty insulation that coats the Axon
Terminals Synapse passes impulses into the Neurotransmitters electric
impulse which contains the message is a kind of or chemical message Chemical Charge once the impulse leaves the neuron it becomes a also known as a Vesicles are sent by sends the impulse to the are on the end of the goes Receptors is detected by or changes in the environment send signals to The Brain coordinates a response Effector or a body part that
produces a physical response alert the Reflex Arc Reflex actions are created by that create such a quick response
from the body that it bypasses the brain If it was a reflex action, the brain now be receiving info about the body's response Sensory Neurons are specialized neurons that carry signals from receptors to the spinal cord and the brain. However, they function the same as any neuron. Motor Neurons sends the command through reflex actions bypass the brain are a type of Relay Neurons are the type of neurons that sends the message from the sensory neurons to the motor neurons are a type of is part of the is a component of are a type of
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