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The Clowns of Shakespeare

No description

melody marshall

on 30 November 2015

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Transcript of The Clowns of Shakespeare

The Stage
Thrust stage, "groundlings" stood on the floor around the stage
Tiring house backstage
Balcony for musicians or scenes requiring an uppper space
The Theatre
Audience and Reception
People of all classes came to see Shakespeare's plays, and they were extremely popular
Elizabethan Culture
Famous Fools
Famous for playing Falstaff in most of the Henry plays, Dogberry in
Much Ado About Nothing
, Costard in
Loves Labours Lost
, and Bottom from
A Midsummer Night's Dream
The Clowns of Shakespeare
The Globe Theatre
Originally built in London in 1599 by the Lord Chaimberlain's Men
Burned down in 1613 and rebuilt in 1614, and a modern reconstruction was built in 1997
The Costumes
During her reign, Elizabeth I outlawed religious plays due to fighting among the Protestants and the Catholics
Slapstick comedy
Typically laughed at by audience due to situational humor
Poked fun at aristocracy
Usually provided insightful social commentary
Foolish Tropes
Touchstone in
As You Like It
, Feste in
Twelfth Night
, The Fool in
King Lear
, Lavatch in
All's Well That Ends Well
This era was a time of plots, conspiracies, and spying, but is considered to be England's Golden Age.
Women enjoyed a fair amount of freedom compared to other countries, but were not allowed on stage, or to go to school.
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