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Becoming a Lawyer

No description

jennifer tussuzian

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of Becoming a Lawyer

Becoming a
Lawyer/Civil Litigator Assets Education Advances Pros: Cons: Salary and Benefits: Work places & Hours? Essential Characteristics needed for the Job: Job Description - $25,000 - $70,000 a year - Long hours of work 9-12 hrs a day or 15-16hrs
- A lot of pressure
- Jobs in law are very competitive, especially at higher levels.
- High in debt Highschool Law School Universtity ■- Research ability
■-Attention to detail
■- Logical reasoning
■- Good with words
■ - judge of character
- Sound judgment
- Persuasive
- Workaholic -Thick skin
- Persistent
- Patient
- Aggressive - Arguer
- Negotiator
- Interpersonal
- A+ stress Indurance 2 years of undergraduate studies at university Law school Bachelors degree (4years) 1 year as an articling student, under the direction of licensed lawyers Grade 10

Social Studies
Personal & Career Development
Business / Computers
French Grade 11

Social Studies / History
Business & Management
French Grade 9

Social Studies
Creative Arts
Business / Computers
Health & Physical Education Grade 12

Communications & Media Studies
Economics / Politics
History / Philosophy / World Issues
Business & Management
French Suggested Highschool courses to take - Work 9-12hrs a day or 15-16hrs+
- Cramped office
- Lots of paperwork
- Mountains of books
- Required to check cell phone email etc... minimum 6hrs, 24-7 - $50,000 - $165,000 A civil litigator represents either the person doing the suing (known as the plaintiff) or the person being sued (the defendant).Either defend individuals accused of crimes or prosecute them. - trademark
- copyright
- licensing issues
- marriage, adoption - contracts and wills.
- divorce/separation
- abuse
- child custody/child support. - Judge
- Politician - Professions in law are established and respected
- Constant variety (diff. clients, situations etc)
- Good salary
- Smarts - Regular benefits
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