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The Living Photograph

No description

Yee Yi

on 20 April 2015

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Transcript of The Living Photograph

The Living Photograph
Literal Meaning
When I was small, my grandmother looked young and neat in my memory. Her blue eyes did not fear of her own death.
But when I grew up, my once tall grandmother became small and short. She suffered from dementia and slowly passed away.
Even though she had passed away, but her presence was still with me as I was looking at the photo of her and a three-year-old me.

Figurative Meaning
My grandmother was an upper middle class woman and she dressed up as she followed the trend. She took good care of me when my parents were busy supporting the family.
After years living together, my grandmother started to look old and shorter than me. She always forgot of her boiling hot soup in the kitchen. She passed away calmly as she had suffered from dementia for a quite some time.
I was holding the picture of her and me when I was three years old. The picture was so alive that I could feel as if she was still here, accompanied me in this life.
Time: Past and present
Place: House
Background: Upper middle class rank family. The author's parents are busy working that is why they decided to put their child under the grandmother's care.
Tone, Mood, Atmosphere
Tone: happy and sad
Mood: missing, appreciative
Atmosphere: homelike feeling
Point of View
First person: me, my
Third person: she, her
Rhyme and Rhythm
Freestyle type of poem
No fixed rhyme
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