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Horror Movies Through Time

No description

Camilla S

on 9 September 2016

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Transcript of Horror Movies Through Time

The Patterns of Horror Movies
Music and Sound Effects
Silence of the Lambs
Silence of the Lambs
Silence of the Lambs
The Silence of the Lambs
Two Thousand Maniacs
Psychological Horror vs, Physical Horror
Heroes vs. Villains
Silence of the Lambs
Two Thousand Maniacs
Two Thousand Maniacs
Two Thousand Maniacs
Silence of the Lambs
Two Thousand Maniacs
Two Thousand Maniacs
Long ago there used to be blood,
Enough blood to fill up a tub
Limbs were cut off
And faces were skinned
While the kids were asleep in their beds
And then you hear the door creek
And you beg me for mercy
As I step through the cracked open door
The light shines on my face and you scream

You know who I am
I'm your childhood best friend
Your ever so loving neighbor

You don't understand
But you beg for forgiveness
And yet,

The last sound that you hear
Is my crackling voice
Whispering words into your ear
With my breath tickling the nape of your neck
Saying well dear,
I guess I'm having an old friend for dinner
But now it's not longer gore
It's the way that I make you feel
As you cry, beg and scream in my basement
It's the fear that runs so deep
You feel it inside of your bones
Not knowing whether or not
You'll ever see daylight again
Look up at Buffalo like you're the prisoner
Look down at the prisoner like you're Buffalo Bill
Music changes abruptly
Rattling handcuffs
Squishing of flesh
Slashing of Hannibal's weapon
Light on Clarice's face
Shadows on Hannibal's face
David Krueger (Birth name Petter Woodcock) murdered and raped three children aged 4,7 and 9. Active between 1956 and 1957. Started sexually assaulting children at the age of 17 and at 19 was apprehended of the crimes yet was found not guilty due to insanity, he was placed in a psychiatric facility where he was diagnosed as a psychopath and in 1991 he killed a fellow patient after he/she (Dennis Kerr) refused his sexual passes. In 2010, thr Toronto Star reffered to him as the "serial killer they couldn't cure)
Kelly Ellard was 15 when she assisted in the assault and murder of Reena Virk (14). In April 2005 she was convicted of second-degree murder and given an automatic life sentence with no parole eligibility for seven years.
David Russell Williams is a convicted murderer, rapist, and former Colonel in the Canadian Forces. He was sentenced to two life sentences for first-degree murder, two 10-year sentences for other sexual assaults, two 10-year sentences for forcible confinement, and 82 one-year sentences for breaking and entering.
Anyone can be a murderer
Hannibal is calm
Camera zooms out
Hannibal disappears into the crowd
Buffalo Bill seems like a weak, helpless man
Even if someone doesn't seem capable of being a murderer, it doesn't mean they aren't
Point of view of the murderer
More psychologically terrifying
Clarice looks helpless
The murderer seems so powerful
You feel like it could be you
Point of view of victim
You feel helpless
You see the people laughing
The movies was shot outside
Does not add psychological horror
Allows audience to focus on gore
Costume Design
White represents innocence
Covered in blood
The blood represents the evil she was exposed to
Shows skin clothing Buffalo Bill made
Buffalo Bill dressed extravagantly
Victim in ripped, dirty clothing
Horror movies have developed throughout time in order to thrill their audience in a more sophisticated way. Older horror movies mainly use gore in order to scare the viewers, but newer horror movies are able to cause greater fear with less gore, and more psychological terror.
Creepy music start abruptly
Hides what he says
Adds mystery
We find out he was talking to the mayor
Makes the audience feel uneasy
By: Camilla Sestito & Emily Rubalevsky
Woman gets dismembered
She has exaggerated facial expressions
There is a lot of bright red blood
Don't need to see him hurt her to get scared
26 for dismemberment
34:30 for bbq
42:30 for guy being dragged by horse
49:30 for barrel roll
48:30 for legs thrown into sac

Close up on horse's face
Only shows the arm getting dragged
Hannibal's reflection
Makes it look like he's really close to her
Close up on face
Can see all the details on his face
Represents good and evil
Makes Hannibal look scarier even though he seems calm
Makes you wonder how many murderers you have seen everyday
Throwing blood bodies into water
Upsets the audience
Psychological horror films have a tendency to be scarier than horror films that simply use gore. These films use various elements in order to enhance the way the audience interprets certain situations, and therefore are able to scare them by unveiling the psychology of the murderer's mind.
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