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SCIP KW June 2016

A primer about primary marketing research, for members of the Kitchener Waterloo Chapter of SCIP

Lori Reiser

on 19 June 2017

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Transcript of SCIP KW June 2016

@LoriReiser @AdvanisInsights

Primary Research Takes Many Forms
Can I DIY?
Can people tell you what they want or need?
Let's talk about
preferences vs.
Some examples of ways to collect primary data...
Surveys Focus Groups Interviews
Prediction Markets Ethnography Shop-Alongs Communities Syndicated Reviews/Feedback
Eye-tracking Non-conscious measurement
Social media monitoring
is not the same as conducting
Who is your audience?
Primary Research & Competitive Intelligence
When should I do primary research?
Consumer Segmentation
UXD Testing
Product Development
Portfolio / Cannibilization
Advertising support
Content marketing support
Customer Experience
Market Intelligence

Defining your Target Audience
How do you define your current customer base? Your ideal target base? Your competitor's customer base?
Does this differ by product/service?
Who are the decision makers and influencers?
Where/how can you reach this target?
Telephone / online/ social
Can you "weight" your data to a known population?
Life Pro Tips For DIY
Think carefully about who you are targeting
Ask a generalizable population, including those with less enthusiasm
Learn about good survey writing, or get help with just that aspect
Interpret well
My job is to make your gut instinct right, more often, by bringing the voice of the consumer to the design / strategy discussion
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