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thames thames

on 13 September 2015

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Transcript of braiding

The Waterfall Braid
1. first brush your hair
2.Divide a clipping of your hair into 3 equal sets
3. place the right set onto the middle one than whit the left do the same. repeat this 3-5 times than disconnect a bit of the next coming set
4. keep doing this until you think it is enough.
1.You get to bigger clipping from the front than connect it together whit an elastic
2.get a set out of the left side of your hair and do a nut on the right side of your hair do this 2 times
3.Than get a set of your hair and pull it threw the middle of bigger clipping. always get a new set!every time go downer. do it to both sides. than clipit down
Loop Waterfall
1.brush every nut out
2.get a little section of the front of your hair and put a bit of water on it
3. get 2 of you finger and wrap your hair one on it get a other same size section and pull it thew it than do a loop on the one you pulled threw the other loop to
4. when you are done clip it down whit a bobby pin
The angel wing braid
Braiding is fashionable again! I will show you the best braids in the world. I chose Braiding because Braiding is fun and it makes hair different and more special from just let out hair.
There are so many other so many other braids if you want to learn them use YouTube and that will help you like it helped Me!!!
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