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Usf Mahmoud

on 19 February 2014

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Transcript of EYouth

What is EYouth?
EYouth is a youth-led initiative started in December 2010 as an idea that aims at truly affecting and developing Egyptian Youth then the idea became true and very successful through a number of events.
Vision & Mission
EYouth Vision:
A generation of FUTURE Leaders and Social Entrepreneurs changing the FACE of Egypt and the WORLD.
EYouth Cup
EYouth Cup is the 1st Product of EYouth Initiative Season II after the great success of EYouth Season I.

EYouth Cup Program aims at building a local Youth-developing unit in each Egyptian city.

The different units will form social projects that will compete all over Egypt and then will be awarded small grants to implement their AWESOME Ideas and Proposals.

EYouth Cup is considered the first social entrepreneurship competition to be held with this unique format and all over Egypt as well.

EYouth Cup Crew is very big and diverse in at least 15 Egyptian Governorates and THEY ARE READY TO BRING THE BEST OUT OF YOU :)
How it works?
The Methodology of Work of EYouth Cup:

- Recruiting EYouth Cup Participants during February and Early March 2014.

- Conducting EYouth Cup Training: "EYouth Formula to Creating Social Leaders and Entrepreneurs" during March and April 2014.

- Different Teams Preparation for the Competition and Completing their proposals during Early May 2014.

- EYouth Cup Grand Competition and Mini-Grants Distribution in Late May 2014 isA.

- Projects Implementation during Summer Vacation 2014.

- Gathering Event to show all the successful projects and hopefully getting more fund.

Now What?!


JOIN US NOW by filling the application.

You can fill in the Application in English OR Arabic; no problem :D

"EYouth... Beyond Potentials"

EYouth Mission:
Being an incubator for all the youth in Egypt and the Middle East; extracting the best out of them turning them into true leaders and social entrepreneurs.
What will I learn?
What you will mainly learn with us is:

- Social Entrepreneurship

- Project Management

- Strategic Planning

Organization skills

- Writing the Project Proposal
- Funding Opportunities

- Financial Budget and Plan for your project

- Essential Soft Skills

- Some Essential Technical Skills

- Who will train us?
* The training will be done by the AWESOME EYouth Cup Team in your governorate.

-Are there any fees?
* The training fees will be like a cost-share from the participants for the organizational and printouts and it will be very reasonable.

-Who is the target age group?
* Egyptian Youth from 15 to 25 Years.

-What happens If I'm accepted?
*If you are accepted in this phase, you will take EYouth Cup Training inside your governorate.

-How many governorates are covered with EYouth teams?
*EYouth Cup is NOW covering 15 Governorates, so for participants from these governorates, you will take the training inside your governorate...NO Travels :D

-If there is no team in my governorate, what should I do?
*If you are not living in the covered governorates, you can join us BUT you will need to Travel to the Training Place in the nearest governorate to you.

-How do we fund this Idea?
*We count on making effective partnerships with organizations and other associations in order to get a proper funding for the project, we even sometimes pay from our own money to fund the initiative. Recently we won an international funding competition and we made strong partnerships with associations and other projects.

Any more questions? =)
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