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Tuned & Untuned Percussion

No description

Geoffrey Cozens

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of Tuned & Untuned Percussion

Tuned & Untuned Percussion
The Xylophone is a tuned instrument that the Greek played and it had special Greek letters that was known as the wooden sound.
By Liam And Geoffrey
The Timpani or otherwise known as Kettledrums is a drum like instrument that consists of a skin type called Head
Cymbals are tuned percussion that are normally crafted from/out of various alloys.
The Glockenspiel is a percussion instrument that has keys laid out like a keyboard on a piano.
The Triangle is a part of the percussion family and it is a bar of metal shaped into a triangle hence the name Triangle.

The Bongo drums are an Afro Cuban
percussion instrument with different
sized drums on each size which means none of them are the same size.
A percussion instrument is one that is shaken or hit to make a sound.
Some percussion instruments can play melodies. These are called tuned percussion. The xylophone, vibraphone, glockenspiel, marimba, chimes, timpani, etc. are all tuned percussion instruments.
Other percussion instruments that do not produce a definite pitch are generally termed unpitched/untuned percussion. They include most of the drums (snare, bass, drum set etc.) and the other instruments used mostly for special effects.
and also other instruments used mostly for special effects which add color to the ensemble. These instruments are the triangle, gong, castanets, rattle, cowbell, woodblock, tambourine, maracas, claves, etc
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