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1965 Rat Island Alaska EArthquake

No description

Lexie Naeger

on 5 November 2014

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Transcript of 1965 Rat Island Alaska EArthquake

the magnitude is 8.7
Damage Done
On Adak island, crack occurred in prefabricated wood buildings on Shemya Island, cracks were observedin an asphalt runway. Hairline cracks also formd in the runways at the US coast guard Loran Station on Attu Island. This earthquake generated a tsunami reported to be about 10.7 meters high on Shemya Island. Loss caused by flooding on Amchitka Island was estimated at about $10,000.
Square miles it was felt
400 kilometers
Epicenter Location
51.29 degrees north and 178.49 degrees west of rat island

1965 Rat Island Alaska Earthquake
Death toll
0 people died because 0 people were on the island at that time.
Energy of the Earthquake

The pattern of energy release suggest the presence of 3 asperities along the plate interface. Each causing a pulse of moment release
Date of the Earthquake
February 4, 1965
Duration of Earthquake
It lasted 160 seconds
State/ Location
It was in Alaska
The main shock was followed by an earthquake of magnitude 7.6. Nearly 2 months later, that triggered a tsunami.
There were no injuries.
Population/ Density
There was a population of zero people on the island.
Type of fault/stress earthquake occurred on
The only obvious structures in Rat Island are high angle normal faults.
Plate Boundary
Between the Pacific and North American Crustal Plates.
Reoccuring Earthquakes
There was one 2 months later with the magnitude of 7.6.
Number on a Mercalli Scale
It was a mumber 9 on the mercalli scale.
Personal Story
There was no personal story because no one was on the island during the earthquake.
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