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Welcome to Soldotna Prep School

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Curtis Schmidt

on 27 March 2018

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Transcript of Welcome to Soldotna Prep School

Welcome to Soldotna Prep!
Vision for Soldotna Prep
ucceed in transitioning from Middle School to High School
hink critically and analytically in each classroom.
ll students acquire 6 credits that count towards high school graduation.
espect demonstrated at all times by students, staff and community members.
trive for excellence in all that we do in our development into positive and productive members of the community.

At Soldotna Prep we believe......

All students can learn and teachers need to strive to teach each student according to his or her needs.

The school should provide a physically and psychologically safe envirnoment.

Collaboration, teamwork, and cooperation amongst all stakeholders is important to student learning.

Mission of Soldotna Prep
Educate and prepare incoming 9th grade students for a successful transition into high school. Soldotna Prep will provide a supportive environment, promote responsibility, and develop skills necessary for future success in high school and ultimately, college or career readiness.

Why a 9th Grade Academy?
Success for students entering 9th grade is crucial to keeping them in school.
Research tells us that 9th grade is the most critical point to intervene and prevent students from losing motivation, failing and dropping out of school.
Why a 9th Grade Academy?
Transition programs for 9th graders also have a positive effect on preventing risky behaviors, such as drug and alcohol use, sexual activity and crime, according to a 1990 study by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development.
Why a 9th Grade Academy?
School Districts that currently use the 9th grade academy model consistently see improved academic success, increased attendance rates, and fewer discipline referrals.
Creating STARS one student at a time!
At Soldotna Prep we believe...

The educational focus should be on the
whole student
, and should enable students to be successful in the 21st century. It should provide them with basic survival skills, up-to-date vocational and technological skills, higher-level thinking abilities, and rigorous academic challenges that model experiences that students will face in the "real" world.

At Soldotna Prep we believe...

School should help students recognize their responsibility towards the community and develop a respect for all peoples and cultures.
A supportive environment enhances students’ sense of belonging, ownership of learning, recognition of good choices and the ability to make good choices (NASSP, 2005).

Components of Soldotna Prep School
Two Academic Teams
-Approximately 90-100 students/team
Teacher Teams in Core Subjects
-English, Math, Science, Social Studies
Common Planning/Collaboration
-For teacher teams and subject area teachers

Components of Soldotna Prep School
Components of Soldotna Prep School
Electives to start the day
- Health and P.E.
- Spanish
- Music
- Art
- Construction
- Online Courses
- P.E.

Electives are taught at SOHI or Prep depending on class and transportation between schools will be provided.

Advisory to end the day
Career Education
Character Development
Chance to make-up work/tests

Extra-curriculars and Athletics
- Conducted jointly with Soldotna High School
Sports, Dances, Student Council, Yearbook, Pep Rallies, etc.

- We are all STARS!
Soldotna Prep Teaching Staff

Angie Brown - Math/PE
Cheryl Brown - Special Education
Will Chervenak - L.A./PE/Health
Doug Gordon - Construction
Peter Gundunas - Special Education
Kristin McGlothen - Biology/Health
Eric Pomerleau - P.E.
Karen Ruebsamen - Career and Guidance Counselor
Kent Peterson - Band/Choir
Darren Zibell - Geography
Rob Sparks - Alaska Studies/VTC
Elizabeth Swaby - Health/Intervention
Heather Swanson - L.A./Drama
Jennifer Derks-Andersen - Biology/Health
Bristol Whitmore - Spanish 1
Donna Huguelet - Intensive Needs
Soldotna Prep Teaching Staff
Teacher Collaboration

Core Teams have common planning period each day.
Lessons will be cross-curricular when possible.
Early release days very valuable to collaboration and set aside specifically to plan with teams or as a 7-12 continuum.
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