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Musical Instruments

M.3.4.1 Identify musical instruments by sight and sound

Beth McKinney

on 9 March 2011

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Transcript of Musical Instruments

Musical Instruments String
Percussion String Family Earliest known: lyre, early form of guitar
Strings produce sound
plucked or rubbed by bow
The sound is determined by length of the strings Woodwind family Earliest known is the flute/recorder
used to be made from wood (hence the name woodwinds)
Now made with metals and plastics, some are still made from wood
Brass family Earliest know: bugle, early form of trumpet
brass is so name because they used to be made from brass, then other metals such as copper, gold, and silver Percussion family The first type of percussion was anything that could be hit and produce sound (hollow bottles, walls, trash cans, etc.
You may think of early percussion instruments during war as they were used for soldiers to march to the beat of drums. M.3.4.1
Identify musical instruments by sight. The end :) 4 Main Families
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