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New Technology

No description

lib hist

on 13 September 2018

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Transcript of New Technology

The Compass
The first compass was made in 206 B.C but was later redesigned in the 1400's. It was used to help direct sailors on their voyages.
A tool that was designed to help sailors know their latitude at sea. Sailors would use the astrolabe to measure how far the north star was above the horizon.
New Ship Designs
Triangular sails and bigger hulls made voyages faster and safer for sailors.
The caravel was a new ship design brought into existence in the 15th - 17th century. It was a small but highly maneuverable ship that many sailors favored for voyages.
Traverse Board
The traverse board was an early version of a computer. It helped sailors record the speed of their ship and the direction it was sailing in.
New Technology
By: Somtochi Alozie
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