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Neptune: The Ultimate Vacation Destination

Everything you need to know about Neptune vacationing!

Nellie Collier

on 15 May 2013

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Transcript of Neptune: The Ultimate Vacation Destination

Neptune: The Ultimate Vacation Destination Location and Other Facts What YOU Need to Do Pictures Neptune is 4,496 million kilometers from the sun.
Neptune is 2.7 billion miles from Earth.
Neptune is before Pluto which is not an OFFICIAL planet so Neptune is not really in front of any planets.
Neptune is after Uranus and Saturn. (Visual is in picture area. )
The diameter of Neptune is 30,599 miles or 49,244 kilometers.
57 Earth's could fit inside Neptune.
It would take 5,400 hours to travel to Neptune in a space shuttle, if the space shuttle is traveling at 5,000 miles per hour.
A faster and easier alternative would be the magical fairy Ice Travel where you hurtle through space as an ice meteor. Then the ice around you is melted when you arrive on Neptune. Neptune NO PLUTO DOES NOT EXIST You can choose your space-suit style. For guys who don't care what they wear, there are normal, standard space-suits that come in blue. The colors of space-suits for girls and women are teal, pink, purple, red, and yellow. There are also space-suits designed for boys and men. Those colors are blue, red, green, and orange. There are also customizable space-suits for boys, girls, men, and women where you can choose the pattern, pattern color, symbols to put on the sides and front of the suit, and size and shape of the space-suit. The space-suits are partially made out of recycled materials. The space suits are ordered online.
What will your space-suit look like? Buy a Space-Suit Activities There are many activities you can do on Neptune. Ice sculpting
Become an Ice Wizard or Ice Fairy when training with magical ice creatures of Neptune.
Mine ice crystals.
Go Ice-Climbing.
Go weather watching.
Play in the snow inside. What to Bring Winter clothing for when you are inside.
The space-suit (s) that you ordered online.
Personal belongings that mean a lot to you should not be taken. They could get lost in outer space.
Fun winter toys
Blankets, Pillows, that are not extremely important and that do not mean a lot to you.
Pick-ax for Ice-Mining.
Utensils and plates if you pack food
Coins only, No paper money. Paper money gets compacted into a little ball when in space.
INTRODUCTION: This presentation is about vacationing on the beautiful ice wonderland of Neptune. Neptune is a magical place of ice-creatures. Its beauty is inspiring and must be seen by all. Introduction to planet Neptune Neptune (: The average temperature of Neptune is -200 degrees Celsius.
Neptune is very cold because it is farthest from the sun.
Unique weather-Gas clouds, Storms.
Facts Accomodations You can stay in a space-station close to the planet.
You can sleep in an Ice fortress like the fairies and wizards and other magical creatures of Neptune. (Visuals in picture frame.)
Universe Today
Neptune-Astronomy for Kids Sources
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