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Building a Fun Side Project

for Women Who Code 3/4/2015

Jennifer Refat

on 4 March 2015

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Transcript of Building a Fun Side Project

Building a Fun Side Project
Jennifer Refat
Senior Software Engineer

What To Learn?
- Frontend Technologies:
- CSS / Animations
- HTML(5)

- Javascript
- Make JS plugins / animations / ?
- Try new libraries

- Backend Technologies: PHP, Python, Ruby

- A LOT of choices...
Creating A Side Project
- Don't overwhelm yourself
& Pick a fun topic!

My Goals:
- CSS3
- 3rd-party API
- JS Templates

- Pants & Weather...
Final Side Project
CSS-only animations +

Easy & Free Weather API +
(WorldWeatherOnline API)

Mustache JS templates + Pants =

Should I Wear Pants?
Why Create a Side Project?
- Learn a new technology

- Build up your portfolio

- Experiment with ideas
Build a fun side project
Thank You!
Stay Informed
- Reading challenges (goodreads)

- Code challenges (codewars)

- Github : documentation & discovery (github.com/explore)

- Meetups (tech & otherwise)

- Blogs/Podcasts/Twitter

Twitter: @mellowbeing
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