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The Colour Of My Dreams

No description

Nicola McManis

on 17 June 2016

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Transcript of The Colour Of My Dreams

'The Colour of my Dreams'
is about a boy who is struggling through school because he has dyslexia. He is struggling because he is not 'dumb' but others, even the teacher indicate that he is. It is hard for him becasue he knows that he has so much inside. But they (could be indicating teachers, other students or people in general) don't understand what knowledge and imagination he holds inside. In the poem the boy tells us that he tries to express himself through art; however people don't see his creations the way he does.

All of the stanzas of the poem lead up to the final line "But none of them will ever know the colour of my dreams"...
Language Techniques
Textbook Work
How do you think the poet is seen by his teacher?
The poet would be seen by his teacher as dumb. I think this because in the poem he expresses how the teacher gets annoyed whn he tries to read infront of the class because it is more difficult for him to read . From this poem I think that his teacher is very impatient and does not understand the poet's situation.

Structural Form
Rotten Reader
Page/Rage, Out/About ect.
The motif of 'Colours of Dreams' is taken through the poem to represent the imagination and thoughts of the poet.
The Colour of my Dreams is a 'lyric' poem because it is emotional and reflective, it is a personal poem which gives the poets innermost thoughts.

The rhyming scheme for this poem is the 2nd line rhymes with the 4th, this is described as ABCB rhyming.
By Nicola & Bella
The Colour Of My Dreams


What do you think the characters favourite subject is? Why?

The Characters favourite subject would be art because he describes how he can be creative and create things with plasticine and paint. I think that he would enjoy art because he can express himself and the way he sees the world around him. He also has a very active imagination and he likes opotunities to be creative.

What do you think the characters least favourite subject is? Why?
The characters least favourite subject would be English expecially reading because he is ridiculed by his classmates and his teacher loses patience with him. He would also struggle with the other types of English like reading comprehension and spelling which would make him feel 'dumb' when he get all of the questions incorrect.
What can this poem teach us?
This poem can teach us about how other people see the world. Often we only see what people look like, say and write. We should always appreciate everyone for who they are not who we think they should be.
The Colour of my Dreams

I'm a really rotten reader
the worst in all the class,
the sort of rotten reader
that makes you want to laugh.

I'm last in all the readin' tests,
my score's not on the page
and when I read to teacher
she gets in such a rage.

She says I cannot form my words
she says I can't build up
and that I don't know phonics
and don't know a c-a-t from k-u-p.

They say that I'm dyslexic
(that's a word they've just found out)
... but when I get some plasticine
I know what that's about.
I make these scary monsters
I draw these secret lands
and get my hair all sticky
and paint on all me hands.

I make these super models,
I build these smashing towers
that reach up to the ceiling
and take me hours and hours.

I paint these lovely pictures
in thick green drippy paint
that gets all on the carpet
and makes the cleaners faint.

I build great magic forests
weave bushes out of string
and paint pink panderellos
and birds that really sing.

I play my world of real believe
I play it every day
and teachers stand and watch me
but don't know what to say.

They give me diagnostic tests,
they try out reading schemes,
but none of them will ever know
the colour of my dreams.
By Peter Dixon
Subject Matter
The dylexic experience of the poet.
Don't judge people on their abilities because you never know what they hold inside.
The tone of this poem startes off sad and confused but as the poem continues the poem becomes more uplifting showing how he shows his interpretations of what he sees and understands.
Social Comment

Through the poem the poet comments on how easily society pass off a person because of their differences.
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