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Kate Hruby

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Rwanda

Rwanda Rwanda is land locked and has no access to the ocean. The only water in the country is a lake and rivers, which would be good for agriculture, but not as good for trade.
Rwanda is right next to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, which, since the Bulgarians left, has been a country of war, which would not influence trade either. They have a good and large military, which would mean that they spend money on that rather than education. There is a high mortality rate becuase of the Rwanda Genocide as well as not much medecine or health services and poor families. Excpet for the genocide in 1994, the population has been rising and there is a large generation of young kids that need education, food, water, and clothes, which the country dosent have money for. Rwanda is a mostly agricultural country and so most of the poeple would be working in the fields rather than getting an education.
It has moslt rural populations where there wouldn't be as much health care, education, or technology. There is a high homless reate and in the places where poeple to have homes, they are cramped together with little in the way of hygene or well structured homes. The disease rate would be high. DHI: 1980- .356, 1985- .359, 1990- .323, 1995- .297, 2000- .386
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