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Most theaters were built out of the city because some of the

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Celie Smith

on 12 February 2014

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Transcript of Most theaters were built out of the city because some of the

Most theaters were built out of the city because some of the things they did were viewed immoral in the eyes of the church. Also, the bubonic plague could be easily spread. The globe theater was so famous because Shakespeare’s business owned it and performed all of his famous plays inside of it.
Where were most theaters built?
Why is the Globe Theater so famous?
What time of day did performances take place?
The performances took place in the afternoon when it was brightest outside so the audience could see what was happening.
How was the public notified about performances?
The public was notified about the performances from a flag sticking out of the building. Red meant a history, black a tragedy, & white a comedy.
Who played the female roles and why?
Young, immature males played the female roles. It was considered wrong for females to be actors.
What type of scenery and props were used?
They didn’t use much scenery, if there was any at all they often used something behind the curtain that was prearranged. The props they used were often war objects such as daggers, armour, golden helmets, and a cage.
What were the costumes like?
No matter what time period the play was set, the actors always wore dresses from your own era. The more expensive and the more colors the clothing had, the better.
What other skills did actors need?
The skills needed other than acting were to perform their own stunts, sword fighting, singing, dancing, and being able to fall convincingly.
Who were the King's Men?
The King’s men were a group of actors for Shakespeare’s plays at the Globe Theatre.
Pit – a large hole

Groundling – A spectator or reader of inferior taste, such as a member of a theater audience who traditionally stood in the pit beneath the stage.

Heavens – Celestial sphere: the apparent surface of the imaginary sphere on which celestial bodies appear to be projected.

Trap door – A hinged or removable panel in a floor, ceiling, or roof.

Tiring house – In the Elizabethan public theater, the area behind the stage where the actors dressed themselves; the term also applies to the entire architectural structure that backed the playing space.
The Elizabethan Theater
Celie Smith
Melissa Kassner
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