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Prezi + iPad = ?

When you mix two great products what do you get... and what could be next.

Jason Lively

on 13 February 2011

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Transcript of Prezi + iPad = ?

From the hardware standpoint Boxes still existed and restricted. Apple came to the rescue! Apple's iPad removed the other boxes. Computing was now unrestrained. 2 out of the box ideas,
when combined are simply perfect! Prezi + iPad = Perfection WARNING:
Prezi + iPad can result in an onslaught of pleasant dreams.... 2/14/2011 1/24/2011 3/1/2011 Prezi is out of the box! iPad is out of the box! Blogging still appears to be in a box!!!! What if Prezi in preparation of the new iPad, created a blogging platform. The platform would allow for immediate embedding of text, photos, and video (when iPad 2.0 makes its debut). I'd call it the "Prezi Time Vine".
Have each entry populate a time line. A new feature to prezi could allow predefined entry points to mini prezi's for each post to the blog. each new entry could then appear along a time line. scrollable text-panes. video from the iPad. Photos or slide shows from the iPad. Prezi -
Thanks for thinking outside of the box! Out of the Box Prezi empowered the presenter! Presentations used to be confined to a series of boxes called slides... It took Prezi coming along to break out of the box.
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