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Powering Agriculture: Communications & Outreach Strategy

Partners Meeting 9/12, Communications & Outreach Strategy

Michelle Walker

on 13 August 2014

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Transcript of Powering Agriculture: Communications & Outreach Strategy

(cc) image by rocketboom on Flickr The Goals of the Program Contribute to MDG/End Hunger/Empower Poor & Under-represented Groups/Bring Energy Access to All Create A New Paradigm for Development Explain the Concept of Grand Challenges & Detail the Powering Ag Energy Grand Challenge Find Partners to Lead/Engage Outside Groups What Steps Do We Take to Accomplish Our Goals? Spread The Word; Engage External Audiences Develop the Program RFA Ancillary Partnerships Capacity Building How do we engage our audience? Our Program Showcase Upcoming Events How do we
disseminate Information? Create a Community/Disseminate Knowledge Events & Engagement Partner Meetings
Resource Partner Events
GDA's signed Ancillary Programmatic Events Programmatic Events PAEGC Launch Comment Periods
RFA Release
Grant Awarded Partners Meeting Additional Items to Showcase PreSol Released PAEGC
Mission instructions
Instructions/Information on Program
Basic Information on Program
Technical Information on technologies Energy/Ag topics
The work of other donors
Accomplishments of innovators
General energy or Ag related information Our Space Where do we play? Goals for PAEGC Communications Types of Development Outreach Views on Youtube.com after first two months What does Success Look Like? ??? Applicants
700 Likes/Followers
500 Community Forum Participants
2500 View on Videos Where are we?... Goals What Defines Success 1.
Create Buzz 2.
Showcase Success of Organizations 3.
Encourage Participation 4.
& Build Capacity Followers on Social Media Sites* Facebook Twitter PAEGC
172 ACR
396 * to date SLAB
416 DCA
683 DCA
1,178 PAEGC
148 Doing Development Differently
Speeches Website Social Media In-Person
Conversations Events Reports &
Publications Videos News How You Can Help us Create A Movement? Launch of Program at Frontiers Conference
June 20, 2012 Next Steps Innovators Why worry about
communications? Social
Entrepreneurs Partners Finance Sector Banks
Investors Makes the Obscure Comprehensible & Digestible
Turns the Distant Relevant
Sets the Parameters of the Discussion
Clearly Explains How to Be Involved
Gives People Something to Share with Friends
Shows we are not just "another" government program Why make this video? Or is this the path to success? Social Media is increasing becoming the dominant mode of communication... Is this the path to success? Founding Partners Resource Partners Banks
Investors Non-Traditional Partners Students
Hunger Focused NGOs
Religious Groups
Prizes Government
Development Community Donors
Ministry Officials/Hill Staff So who are we trying to engage? EVERYONE Who are we trying to engage? Big Issues
Celebrity PSA
Emotional Vignette Programmatic Description
Overview of Program (PAEGC) Behavioral Change/Technical Issues
Capacity Building “To appeal to a broad swath of the population, you need to communicate in simple, easy-to-understand terms and you need to have a really good product, and you need to do it with a sense of joy and fun and whimsy.”

Ben Cohen
Co-founder Ben & Jerry's The Role of Partners What types of information do people share: Humorous, Amazing, Emotional, Makes you think, Uncommon, Drama Filled and Cute Grants Awarded Plan Upcoming Events Engaging New Contacts/Producing Content for Social Media Knowledge Management/ Creating Technical Database A snapshot of the world PAEGC joins What does that mean for the PAEGC? Currently 2300 hits Social Entrepreneurs Within each organization identify individuals who will lead engagement and outreach 1) RFA Release

2) Grants Awarded 1) Identify new networks and individuals to lead forum questions

2) Ensure that social media content is re-posted

3) Have partners offer related content to post 1) Outline how/what technical and M&E information will be stored and disseminated

2) Begin build-out where appropriate of website to serve as database for materials

3) Begin aggregating available background and technical information -U.S. Embassy in Sweden is reaching out to Swedish companies and organizations/This Pre-RFA outreach should be done globally

-Additional webinars, seminars, meetings will be held on the RFA and application requirements. Suggested Activities Around Upcoming Events:

-Hold a 300 person event in January '13, showcasing recipients/technologies.
-Events could include a second round of partners who have unique roles in disseminating technologies or information
-Mission and embassy events with winners from their countries
-Creating videos of winners a la Ashden Awards
-Showcasing winners on website/social media sites and forum
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