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Greek Mythology vs Norse Mythology

A few of the similarities and differences between Greek and Norse Mythology

Jessica S

on 24 June 2013

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Transcript of Greek Mythology vs Norse Mythology

Greek Mythology vs Norse Mythology
Greek Mythology
Zeus: God of laws and order
Greek lifestyle was more civilized
Man was created from clay by Prometheus
Many of the Greek myths are separate stories connected by gods.
Greek mythology does not have a definite "ending".
Norse Mythology
Odin: God of war
Norse lifestyle was more war-like
Man was created from trees by Odin
Norse mythology follows a main "plot line", every myth is connected.
Norse mythology has an ending, known as Ragnarok
Both are ancient mythologies
Both are polytheistic and each of the gods has specific roles for everyday aspects of human life.
Both Greek and Norse creation myths start from nothingness.
In both mythologies, man is created from an earthly material.
Greek Mythology
Norse Mythology
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