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Ten Commandments of Twitter for Teachers

Ten ideas to keep in mind as you tweet!

Denise Krebs

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of Ten Commandments of Twitter for Teachers

Ten Commandments
of Twitter for
Teachers Not like this: Here are ours: And there are hundreds of thousands... I have a Direct Message! Bugscope Cooper's History... ...published on his blog 3. Do educators have a duty to
get connected,
be life-long learners,
and model that for
students? Ponder the Possibilities 2. How would it be better for the students if communication and sharing between educators increased? Ponder the Possibilities world country, state, - in your building, plan with? share ideas with? Ponder the Possibilities 1. How many educators do you
network with? Created by Denise Krebs @mrsdkrebs
& Kris Full @kristinefull
Spalding Catholic
March 2013 Additional links that would be helpful for a teacher using Twitter:

Bulletin Board Links of Twitter Resources:

Google Doc notes on Prezi:

Storify of Twitter Commandments from Veterans:

Ten Commandments of Twitter for Teachers Prezi:
http://prezi.com/ebv-koplm3u3/ten-commandments-of-twitter-for-teachers/ Some educational leaders in our Diocese...
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