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Bristol City Council - Open Data project

Introduction to project aims and potential datasets

Mark Leaver

on 20 July 2010

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Transcript of Bristol City Council - Open Data project

Open Data
Project Visualise Inform Empower Inspire Guardian datablog Infosthetics Asborometer Defra noisemap eGov heatmap Where does my money go Apps for democracy Mapumental World bank Nuage Vert ItoWorld - http://vimeo.com/11205494
"Data….has already seen a lot of effort
expended on creating it. It’s a valuable
resource. When you put data together
you can derive very powerful new insights"
Tim Berners-Lee BCC will release some of its data sets
to catalyse new uses & ideas: creative / smart / green / connected innovative & unique inclusive / open access insightful / create public value Which data sets? Quality of Life Indicators Young people Not in Employment, Education or Training
Census Key Statistics
Household spaces and accommodation type
Household composition
Ethnic Group
Population 2001
Economic activity
Travel to Work
Socio-Economic ClassificationQualifications
Connectivity Average ADSL Performance (Mbp/s)
Average House Prices
Determinants of Health
Environment Background nitrogen dioxide
Teenage conceptions (rate per 1000 females 15-17 years)
Average number of decayed, missing or filled teeth in children
Obesity in children
Mortality and Morbidity Births and Deaths
Life expectancy at birth
All age, all cause mortality - DSR per 100,000 population
Hospital Activity
Total Number Admissions for Road Traffic AccidentsR
eferrals to Adult Health & Social Care
All Benefit Claimants of Working Age
Indices of Crime
Population ONS
% Population Change 2001-2008
A* to C grade GCSEs or equivalent
Bristol Schools Population
Free School Meal Eligibility % aged 5 to 15
% who visit parks and open spaces at least once a week
Culture and Leisure
Economy and Employment
Human Environment
Neighbourhood and Community
Health and Social Services
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