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Sustainable Housing Project

No description

Aidan Goldthorpe

on 8 September 2013

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Transcript of Sustainable Housing Project

Sustainable Housing Project
Features to be Implemented
There are three primary sustainable features that have been selected for implementation in the Queenslander home. These are security screens, water tanks and solar panels.
Floor Plan
Roof Plan
Elevations and Site Plan
Sustainable Housing
There are three main categories of sustainable housing as given by the department of housing. These are social sustainability, environmental sustainability and economic sustainability.
Social Sustainability
Environmental Sustainability
Economic Sustainability
Social sustainability uses features such as security screens and ramps to accommodate all types of people. This aspect emphasizes safety, security and a universal design.
Environmental sustainability affects how the house interacts with the environment and how it uses resources. Features such as solar panels and water efficient fittings are often used to minimise a house's environmental impact.
Economic sustainability centers around the overall cost effectiveness of the house. By making smart design choices, the construction and running costs of the house can be reduced.
Sustainable housing is about producing houses that will last, It is a comfortable, low-impact, modern, money-saving investment in your future. A sustainable home responds to its climate and surrounding environment. It uses water, electricity, and other resources more efficiently which results in a cheaper to run and less wasteful home.
Security Screens
Security screens are under the category of social sustainability. By providing additional security to the home, they reduce the risks of crime. Having screens on windows also increases the comfort of the home, by increasing ventilation while preventing things such as mosquitoes from entering the house. Crimsafe screens have been chosen for use in this house, due to their outstanding reputation and proven reliability.
Water Tank
Solar Panels
Solar panels are a common way of improving the economic sustainability of the house. By harnessing the power of the sun, energy can be produced in an environmentally friendly manner. The downside to this is the initial costs, however the long term efficiency gains make the venture profitable in the long term. Any wiring required for this can be run through the roof of the house.
A water tank is a fantastic way of decreasing water consumption by the house. By using rainwater to do things such as water the garden and wash cars, the house is helping to conserve water. Particularly in Australia's drought prone climate, being water efficient is a valuable part of a sustainable house. A 5000L tank will be used, as this should be sufficient for the occupants water usage. The Stratco tank calculator was used to estimate the size tank required. <http://stratco.com.au/products/rainwater_tanks/Calculator/rainwatertanks.asp>
Upper Floor Plan
Lower Floor Plan
Crimsafe Screens
Solar Panels placed on the north face of the roof
Gutters and drains added around the roof edge
Drainpipes have changed location from the planning phase, as the original sketch did not account for the varying slopes of the roof faces.
5000L Water Tank
Plumbing between gutters and tank
Crimsafe Screens
Crimsafe Screens
Water Tank
Pipe running to tank
Crimsafe Screen
Solar Panels
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