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Chapter 6 of The Great Gatsby

No description

Payton McCall

on 4 February 2015

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Transcript of Chapter 6 of The Great Gatsby

Chapter 6 of The Great Gatsby
Brooke Archer and Payton McCall

Plot/Major Events
Nick tells us the truth about Gatsby. We learn that Gatsby grew up poor and that his real name is James Gatz. Dan Cody is a mentor to Gatsby. Gatsby was suppose to inherit the will of Cody, but Cody's mistress claims it for herself. Nick is hanging out at Gatsby's house when Sloan, a girl, and Tom Buchanan stop by. Gatsby starts taunting Tom and saying, "I know your wife" and this makes Tom resent Jay. Gatsby is invited to a party by Sloan's girl and he accepts the invite, only to be ditched by everyone while he is getting dressed. Nick and Daisy join in the party at Gatsby's the next Saturday, and during the party, Gatsby and Daisy for over to Nick's house to have some one on one time. Tom notices how the people at this party are drunk and rude, unlike any other party. Tom yearns to learn more of the secrets of Gatsby and Daisy is persuaded that Gatsby's money is from drugstores.
James Gatz (Jay Gatsby)-
grew up poor; best friends with Dan Cody and was to inherit the money left for him in Cody's will; spends time with Daisy on Nick's front steps

Dan Cody-
millionaire; long time friend of Gatsby; silver miner; Gatsby saw Cody getting off a boat and decided to leave his old life behind; he hired Gatsby because he saw that he was smart

Great Gatsby is told in Nick's perspective; young man from Minnesota who comes to New York to learn business; he seems to be reserved, but honest; invited to Gatsby's party by Jay himself; lives next door to Jay.
Literary Devices
*interrogative sentence- pg 108
"What would happen now in the dim, incalcuable hour?"
polysyndeton- pg 99
"Cody was fifty years old...since seventy-five"
logos-pg 99
"...sub-journalism of 1902"
simple sentence- pg 101
"Sit right down."
archaic diction- pg 102
"Be ver' nice."
*ellipsis- pg 101
"Nothing at all, thanks....I'm sorry-------"
personification- pg 103
"They meet all kinds of crazy fish."
alliteration pg 110
"His heart beat faster and faster as Daisy's white face came up to his own."

1) What is the purpose of Chapter VI?
Chapter 6 gives the reader an insight of how Gatsby became wealthy and more importantly, details of his past.

2) In what sense does this chapter epitomize the American dream?
People born into poverty eventually find wealth

3) What purpose does the biblical allusion : "He was a son of God...and he must be about His Father's business" serve?
Gatsby sees himself as a son of God; he holds himself to high self-esteem and his journey to get Daisy to noble, just as "His Father's business" would be. Gatsby also throws these extravagant parties, expecting for people to see him as almighty, like a "song of God."

Daisy's extremely wealthy husband, coming from a well-off family; he is arrogant and short tempered; has an affair with Myrtle and sees no wrong in it, but when he think Daisy and Gatsby are getting involved, he becomes ouraged

cousin of Nick; back in her hometown, she was courted by many officers and fell in love with Gatsby; she told Jay she would wait for him, but she ends up marrying Tom; lives with Tom in East Egg; she seems to be light-hearted to mask the cruelty of Tom.
Literary Devices
-hyperbole- pg 107
"The pebbles of the drive crunched under his feet."
*-simile- pg 111
"At his lips' touch she blossomed for him like a flower and the incarnation was complete."
*-allusion- pg 98
"He was a son of God...and he must be about His Father's business"
*-repetition- pg 100
"Dan Cody"
-imagery- pg 99
"But his heart was in a constant, turbulent riot."
-theme- (pg 110)
memory and the past
-declarative sentence- pg 110
"Why of course you can!"
4) Analyze the meaning of the name Dan Cody.
Dan which is short for Daniel, means "God is my judge."
Cody means "helpful."
Dan Cody represented everything Gatsby.
It is an allusion of Daniel Boone and the Wild Bill Cody.

5) What does the word choice "menagerie” help Fitzgerald convey?
The meaning of menagerie is a collection of wild animals held together for exhibition.
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