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The Maze Runner

Book review on the Maze Runner

Lance Estwick

on 15 January 2015

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Transcript of The Maze Runner

Plot II
Bibliography/Works Cited
I thought the book was great.
The movie was good but a couple of things where diferent in the movie than they were in the book. I would definitly suggest this book to someone else. Very action packed and suspenceful. The book doesn't skip around.
The Characters II
What I Thought Of The Book
About The Author
> 1 of 6 children
>Born on November 26, 1972
> Whitney Award for Best Youth Fiction
> Is married to Lynette Anderson
> Has 4 kids

~Thomas is the last male to come into the glade, he helps figure out the secret of the maze
~Teresa the last person to enter the glade the only girl, she triggers
"the ending"
~Gally mean and wants to kill Thomas the moment he saw him, has gone through "the changing"
The Characters
They are sent to live in a place called the Glade some time in the future
The Glade is in the center of a giant maze
The maze changes every night and repeats the pattern every month
This is what the Gladers call home
The Movie
The Maze Runner
By: James Dashner

~ James Dashner. The Maze Runner. New York: Delacorte Press (
a division of Random House, Inc
.) , 2009. Print.
~ Pictures from: www.craveonline.com, mazerunner.wikia.com, www.hypable.com, en.wikipedia.org, www.digitalspy.com, saltlakecomiccon.com, insidemovies.ew.com, video.wired.com
-Chuck a funny happy kid is Thomas' friend
-Alby the leader one of the first kids to arrive at the glade
-Newet 2nd in command another friend of Thomas
-Minho The Keeper of the Runners

~So when the doors don't shut to keep out the Grievers, cahos erupts. This throws everything out the window they start dieing off one-by-one from the Griever attacts, they need to get out and fast. The rest is waiting to be found in the
~They are stuck in a giant maze. They are trying to get out, even after two years of trying they still haven't gotten out. But they have some hope Thomas arrives and becomes a hero but some think of him as a threat and want him killed. They all need to work to gether but others will do everything to stop them.
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