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Special Segments in Trianlges

Learn about medians, bisectors, altitudes and perpendicular bisectors

Christy Linsley

on 26 April 2016

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Transcript of Special Segments in Trianlges

Special Segments Medians Angle Bisectors Altitudes Perpendicular Bisectors 3 of Everything!!! Triangles have 3 of everything.
3--angle bisectors
3--perpendicular bisectors
3--midsegments What is a median? What is an angle bisector? What is an altitude? What is a Perpendicular Bisector? A median in a triangle is the line or
segment drawn from a vertex to the midpoint of its opposite side. An angle bisector in a triangle is a
line or segment that is drawn from
a vertex that bisects (cuts in half)
that vertex angle. An altitude of a triangle
is the line or segment drawn
from a vertex perpendicular
to the side opposite (base),
even if this means extending the
sides of the triangle. A perpendicular bisector is the line or
segment that passes through the
midpoint of a side of a triangle and is
also perpendicular to that side. in Triangles Midsegments What is a midsegment? A midsegment of a triangle is
the line or segment drawn from
one midpoint to another. The
midsegment is always parallel
to one side of the triangle. Welcome ...please move through
the presentation using the forward
and back buttons. Feel free to take
notes. You may also bookmark this
link and return at any time.
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