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Niki N.

on 15 March 2014

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Transcript of Mockingjay

Mockingjay is the third book in the Hunger Games trilogy. It revolves around
Katniss Everdeen
, a girl who is chosen to the rebel against the Capitol, and
Peeta Mellark
, a boy who is brainwashed by the Capitol.
President Snow brainwashes Peeta with
tracker jacker venom
, which is really bad for you. Brainwashing someone is literally changing their brain from the way it was before That's not good at all.
Brainwashing is the action of erasing someone's memory. They become an entirely new person, kind of like a disguise.
Just like in the book, Peeta doesn't remember anything from when he was in the games, or his life before the games.
When you brainwash someone, you're affecting the brain, almost every part of it.
Whether it is the temporal lobe, the cerebrum, or even the cerebellum.
Brainwashing trains the brain to renew your body, completely.
HIghly recommend this book
the plot is amazing
the characters are well development
the entire book is just well written
Thank you for watching
May the Odds be Ever in your Favor

There are 4 parts of the brain:
divided into four sections called 'lobes'
Frontal Lobe- associated with reasoning, planning, parts of speech, movement, emotions, and problem solving
Parietal Lobe- associated with movement, orientation, recognition, perception of stimuli
Occipital Lobe- associated with visual processing
Temporal Lobe- associated with perception and recognition of auditory stimuli, memory, and speech
The Cerebellum:
this is regulated with posture, balance, and movement.
The Limbic System:
often referred to as the "emotional brain", is found buried within the cerebrum. Contains the
(sensory and motor functions),
(The structure is involved in functions including homeostasis, emotion, thirst, hunger, and controls the pituitary gland),
(involved in emotion, memory, and fear) , and
(important for learning and memory . . . for converting short term memory to more permanent memory, and for recalling spatial relationships in the world about us).
the brain stem:
This structure is responsible for basic vital life functions such as breathing, heartbeat, and blood pressure.
the brain stem is made up of the
(It is involved in functions such as vision, hearing, eyemovement, and body movement)

It is involved in motor control and sensory analysis... for example, information from the ear first enters the brain in the pons. It has parts that are important for the level of consciousness and for sleep)

, and
(It is responsible for maintaining vital body functions, such as breathing and heartrate)

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