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Flip by: Martyn Bedford

No description

isabella johnson

on 14 April 2015

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Transcript of Flip by: Martyn Bedford

By: Isabella Johnson
Flip by: Martyn Bedford
Alex Gray(stuck in Phillip's body, nerdy)
Phillip Garammond (is stuck in Alex's body, he is known as Flip, popular)
Cherry (Alex's girlfriend, but Alex told her about the whole switching bodies thing so now she thinks he's crazy and hasn't talked to Alex since he told her about what was going on.)
Rob(A guy that went through the same crisis as Alex did and still living in the wrong body.)

Main Characters
The overall theme of the story is to be content with the life you have. Also to be careful what you wish for too, because you might not get the results you want. The reason I think the theme is that is because Alex always wanted to be popular and get a girlfriend and that's what Phillip has.
The setting is at a hospital in London, England,where Alex's body is. But Alex's soul is in Litchbury, England.
The main problem is that Alex Gray got in a hit in run and has been in a coma for 6 months , he has still not woken up. He is also stuck inside Phillip Garammond's body and can't find a way to get out.
First main event
A 14 year old boy named Alex Gray goes to sleep at night of December 21, and wakes up one June morning in someone elses bed. He finds out that he is living inside the body of Phillip Garammond.
Second main event
Alex goes to his "own" house and tells his parents that he is friends with Alex which they think that he's Phillip but he's actually Alex but his parents don't know that. While he is at his parents house, his dad came home from the hospital, visiting Alex because he is in a coma. The reason he is in a coma is because he got in a hit and run accident while he was heading home from a friend's house.
The climax of this story is that it was a big fight to get back to his body and if he didn't get back to his body of a matter of time, then he would be stuck in Phillip Garammand's body forever. But then Alex eventually comes out of his coma and switches back to his own body again. (It never tells how he gets back to his body.)
Rating the book from 1-10
I rated it a 6 out of 10, because it was kind of confusing through out the whole story because you never really knew who they were talking about either Alex or Phillip . Also it never tells you how Alex got back to his body. Otherwise it was pretty good.
Favorite passage
3rd main event
Pg: 3 passage: 1 The reason I picked this passage because the conflict was introduced and the whole problem was revealed. Yes I think the author was effective with this passage because it made me want to keep reading until I found out how he switched bodies with Phillip.
Alex eventually discovers via the internet that he's not the only one who has experienced "psychic evacuation", which means a soul switching bodies, but in Alex's case his body is still alive. Alex finds a guy on the internet named Rob that once was in someone else's body and still in the wrong body. Anyway he helps him fight for his body back.
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