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"Sweet Disposition" by Temper Trap

No description

Lily Sosa

on 18 February 2014

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Transcript of "Sweet Disposition" by Temper Trap

The basics on Temper Trap
Temper Trap is an Indie Rock band that formed in 2005 in Melbourne, Australia. The band's new home is London. The band made an explosive first impression with their debut album,"Conditions". The album consists of popular singles such as "Sweet Disposition", "Science of Fear", "Love Lost" and "Fader".
"Sweet Disposition" by Temper Trap
"Sweet disposition
never too soon
oh reckless abandon
like no one's
watching you"

What is the meaning?
The song talks about people in their youth and their experiences. Your disposition is your mental and emotional outlook-- your attitude. Someone with a sweet disposition is mild-mannered, sweet, and for the most naive (as are all young people). "Oh reckless abandon, like no one's watching you" meaning, letting loose and being carefree, as young people we all tend to act before we think.
"A moment a love
A dream aloud
A kiss a cry
Our rights
Our wrongs
A moment, a love
A dream aloud
A moment, a love
A dream, aloud"
What are they saying?
The song captures the essence of youth. With simple words the song runs through every basic experience that everyone goes through when they're young, which includes: first loves, first relationships, an endless amount of mistakes made, lessons learned, the moments in which we're actually right, crazy laughs and adventures with our friends, and all of our daydreaming.
Why this song?
I loved this song the moment I first heard it. "Sweet Disposition" is the type of song that can make a rainy day feel warm. The upbeat rhythm flows perfectly with the lyrics and the tone of the singer's voice.
"So stay there
'Cause I'll be coming over
And while our blood's still young
It's so young, it runs
And won't stop til it's over
Won't stop to surrender"
"Songs of desperation
I played them for you
A moment, a love
A dream aloud
A kiss, a cry
Our rights
Our wrongs
A moment, a love
A dream aloud
A moment, a love
A dream aloud"
What does it mean?
A lot of young people (of course there are always exceptions), live in the moment, they have no worries of the future and they don't really stop to think about consequences. There are different ways you can interpret these particular lines of the song, either they're talking about a couple or they're talking about a group of friends, or maybe even family. "So stay there" is meant to be told to a loved one, whether it's a boyfriend/girlfriend, friend, or relative. The singer emphasizes the spontaneity of youth and the lyrics make me picture all kinds of adventures.
Although the word "desperation" may have a negative connotation, as teenagers, we are all desperate in one way or another, it can be with something as simple as wanting a new phone, but there will always be a sense of desperation when we are in our youth, once we are older we will all be working, starting families, dealing with bills and financial issues, so we must be live while we're young and are able to be carefree, I don't mean go out and get drunk every night, I mean we should all be happy and enjoy ourselves as much as we can in the prime of our lives and experience rights, wrongs, and dreams.
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