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Leading Change: Why Transformation Efforts Fail

By John P. Kotter

Tiffany Tatum

on 27 October 2012

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Transcript of Leading Change: Why Transformation Efforts Fail

Leading Change:
Why Transformation
Efforts FAIL
John P. Kotter
Harvard Business
Review 1995 Brief Overview My Target Audience... What Went Wrong?! Eight Steps to Transforming Your Organization Target Audience; The Leaders
John P. Kotter's Eight Reasons as to Why Transformations Fail
Eight Steps to Transforming Your Organization
" Change by definition requires creating a new system, which in return always demands LEADERSHIP"
(Kotter, 1995). Error #1: Not Establishing a Great Sense of Urgency
Lack of aggressive cooperation
Lack of motivation/patience
Underestimate/ challenge/ comfort zone
Paralyzed senior mgt./ CEO not a change champion 1. Establishing a sense of urgency
2. Forming a powerful guiding coalition
3. Creating a vision
4. Communicating the vision
5. Empowering others to act of the vision
6. Planning for & creating short term wins
7. Consolidating Improvements & producing still
more change.
8. Institutionalizing new approaches
Error #2: Not Creating a Powerful Enough Guiding Coalition
Organization under estimates the importance of a guiding coalition (Start with 3-5 during 1s yr to 20-50 high ranking managers).
Wrong staff assigned to lead w/ no power/influence
Error #3 Lacking a Vision
If you cant communicate the vision to someone in 5 mins. or less & get a reaction that signifies both understanding & interest- this phase needs more work. Lost in Translation Error #4: Under-communicating the Vision by a
Factor of Ten
The vision does not clarify the direction the org. needs to move.
Communication from leaders is not consistent with their behaviors (resistance)

Error#5: Not Removing Obstacles to the New Vision
Lack of effort to change (new tasks, etc.)
Inconsistent demands
Feeling threatened/fearful by change/not in support
Error #6: Not Systematically Planning for & Creating Short-Term Wins Lack of obtaining clear performance goals/improvements
No creation of short term wins
Slow results/lost staff commitment
No staff rewards/recognition Error #7: Declaring Victory Too Soon
New approaches fragile/subject to regression
Premature victory kills momentum
Resistors spot opportunities to stop change Error #8: Not Anchoring Changes in the Corporations Culture
Not communication the proper connections to staff (new approaches, behaviors, attitudes).
Poor succession decisions
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