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ESTIEM Presentation

No description

Sofia Helfer

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of ESTIEM Presentation

Play hard, work hard! Note: Europe3D is open for all students from any field of study in any university. Within a 5-day seminar series the participants should get a basic picture of the hosting country. A special focus thereby lays on national characteristics in politics and economy. For a better understanding of basic local parameters that exist in European states also cultural differences are considered. Lectures given by experts from politics, science and economy shall provide the participants with a theoretical insight. On the other hand our aim is to integrate our guests actively in this seminar. The ESTIEM Summer Academy was set up to bring international students together during summer holidays to engage in open discussion, group work, debate and private study under a senior Academic Leader. By talking, studying and mixing with students from all over the world all participants gain new ideas and perspectives, not just on their profession but also on other cultures.
Through the Summer Academy project, ESTIEM recognises the importance of and takes responsibility for providing knowledge of ethics and sound leadership among future leaders of Europe. The Tournament In Management and Engineering Skills (TIMES) is the largest pan-European case study competition for Industrial Engineering and Management students. This prestigious, highly acclaimed event has successfully been organised since 1994 and attracts around 250 top teams each year. Two qualification rounds are required to be selected for the TIMES Final, which takes place in an annually changing venue in Europe. Before reaching this final stage, all the participants take part in a Local Qualification at their home university. The winning team is then allowed to participate in one of the seven Semi Finals, which are organised throughout Europe. The final week eventually brings together the winning teams from each Semi Final to determine Europe’s “IEM Students of the Year”. A prestigious pan-European case study competition Discover a European Country in 3 dimensions: politics, economy and cultural. A two-week learning experience that you will never forget. Seminar series with a yearly topic. The Vision Project is a Europe-wide series of seminars which study a new topic each year. It explores innovative approaches and useful tools to understand the current trends and emerging issues, and encourages communication between students and business world. Individual seminars can be attended separately. They are organised by different Local Groups throughout Europe, each of them having a unique approach to the general theme. The ESTIEM Magazine gives an insight into forward-looking topics in industrial engineering and management. It consists of four sections:
Inside ESTIEM: News and developments within the organisation
Focus: A closer look at the topic of the issue
Career: Insight from IEM graduates
Explore Europe: Articles from exchange students about their stay abroad BrainTrainer is a project designed to develop leadership, presentation, business and human skills of the participants through professional trainings lasting one or two days. Its aim is to coach and develop the participants to become more professional and successful in their organisation as well as in their own future carreer. BrainTrainer Train your brain and get ready for business! Next BrainTrainer
BrainTrainer Madrid
12-18 April 2013 Europe 3D Next Activity:
Europe3D Germany: Berlin & Munich
20 May - 26 May 2013 Summer Academy TIMES Vision While in the past supply chain costs have been purely defined on monetary terms, today’s environment is much more complex and supply chains have to face many more requirements. One of the biggest is the so called “green factor” which gained a huge importance in the last couple of years. Green Supply Chain initiatives have evolved from simple image issues to a value-generating discipline which results in improving efficiencies and increasing cost containment. Due to that fact, supply chains are challenged with being both cost-efficient and resource-efficient at the same time. By setting a strategic focus on environmental aspects, companies nowadays reflect their choices in packaging, distribution and, of course, the product itself. An increased need for Green Supply Chain in the upcoming future is unavoidable - neither for global players, nor for the worldwide industry.
Learning, researching and finding solutions through lectures, company visits and workshops about this topic will be the goal. Green Supply Chain Next Activities:
Porto - Lisbon - Seville Petersburg Ilmenau - Dresde Calabria Novid Sad
17-28 March 2013 1-7 April 2013 14-20 April 201 12-18 May 2013 28 May - 2 Jun 2013 ESTIEM Magazine Student Guide The Student Guide provides you with useful information for your studies abroad, with focus on Industrial Engineering and Management.

Choose a university you are interested in! More universities will be added continuously. Aachen
Dortmund Famagusta
Izmir-DEU Paderborn
St. Petersburg
Vienna Lappeenranta
Milan (Como)
Novi Sad Dresden
Enschede Izmir-Economy
Kragujevac Oulu Warsaw
Zürich LG Coimbra New Skills A lot of FUN New Friends Practical Experience Improve your English Well know Association Around Europe Close Contact with Unterprices You can travel around Europe in a really cheap way Share Opinions, Experiences and Knowledge Where we already have been... Why LG Coimbra? You open a lot of doors for you, and for your collegues
You make your course even more popular and interesting
You make publicity from your city, from your country
You will work for the future of your enginners, for the future of your country
You will say proudly: I make part of ESTIEM! We need you, you need us!
Let's do it!!!!
If not, all the work we made the last years will be for nothing, if we don't have anyone that follow our steps!! Climb, Climb up sunshine mountain
where the little breezes blow

Climb, Climb up sunshine mountain
faces all aglow

Turn, turn your back on sorrow
Look up to the sky

Climb, Climb up sunshine mountain
You and I ESTIEM Song Next activities organized by LG Coimbra ESTIEM Exchange with Paderborn
February 2013

SERI Event - Lousã
1st Week of September 2013

Council Meeting Portugal
November 2013 Do you want to help us and have a amazing time? Approach us in the end of the presentation. ESTIEM Song Portugal Celebration
That’s what we do
Hug Estiemers
All around you

Singing “Vamos Portugal”
Join us drinking alcohol
Party all night long
C’non let’s sing this song

We are gonna say
When Portugal play
We will drink all day
It will be beautiful
Just like the Portuguese flag Gimme papos secos
Gimme cheese
That’s what make us Portuguese

See Ronaldo Take the field now
He is the best
Make us real proud

On the GA’s
We are sleeping
Don’t even know
Who is speaking ESTIEM Family
It’s all about you and me

Come around Europe with me Our Team European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management Thank You! LG Coimbra At Business Booster we are aiming to create an environment where you can get all needed information, experience and support to excel in your future professional endeavors. The goal of this unique environment is to boost entrepreneurial spirit and engage ESTIEMers, Alumni and companies to collaborate with each other. Businessbooster Academic Days The goal of Academic Days is to share ESTIEM universities knowledge with the network. It supports the personal and professional development of students across Europe willing to complete their curriculum. In order to achieve this, two Academic Days events per year are organised and each of them provide participants deep insight into a specific topic in which the organising Local Group’s university has a high reputation. ESTIEM:
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