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Harrison McCain


Victoria Giesler

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of Harrison McCain

Think Rich.... By: Victoria Giesler Harrison McCain Canadian Entrepreneur Harrison before his success Biography Born November 3rd, 1927 in Florenceville New Brunswick. graduated from Acadia University with a degree in Economics in 1949. Married in 1955 to Marion. Together they had five children: Peter, Mark, Ann, Laura, and Gillian. His wife died in 1995 after fighting cancer for many years. His son, Peter died in 1997 in a snowmobile accident when returning home from a family occasion He suffered a heart attack in 2000, and to his dismay could no longer tavel. Died March 18th, 2004 when he was seventy-six. McCain Foods His Business Started McCain Foods as a small frozen fry business in 1956 with his brother Wallace. His brothers Robert and Andrew were also involved in the company, but were not the founders. Only a few years after the business started McCain Foods grew and their french fries entered into major markets in Britian, Australia, and the United States. Australia (1965)
Britain (1968)
They entered into United States last because they knew that there was a tough market there for french fries and wanted to have higher sales before fighting for it. Other frozen foods were added to McCain's. This included pizzas, juices, and vegetables. They were no longer limited to potatoes. In the 1990s Wallace McCain (co-founder) started a feud with Harrison for the company. Twenty million dollars later (in legal fees) Wallace lost the law suit and left the McCain company in 1994. Harrison bought out Ore-Ida, which was a rival company, in 1997. And with one less competitor his business continued to grow. 1996: employed over 12,500 workers and had $4.1 billion in sales
2000: employed over 15000 workers Harrison's son, Peter, was the president of McCain Foods, and his nephew, Allison, was named his successor in 2002. Harrison soon became known as the French fry king. This is because his company was the world's largest french fry manufacturer, so who would no more about potatoes and fries than him? McCain Foods holds 30% of the frozen french fry market in the whole world! The passion, the very begginning, the market The McCain Family It all started with a little farm in Ireland with a struggling family. How did they get to Canada? Harrison's great grandfather, William Andrew McCain, moved into New Brunswick in the 1820s with his brother and sister, James and Jane. When the McCain's first came into New Brunswick they obtained 100-acres in land grants and started farming potatoes. Harrison's father continued the legacy as a seed potato farmer, and started showing roots of the families entrepreneurship qualities as he developed international markets for his simple potato products. Harrison's Passion "Definitely permeating the Irish - and also permeating the McCain family - is a love of the land. Owning the land, and being in an agricultural environment and trading farm produce and farming and that kind of thing. That's what our ancestors came from, and they definitely had a liking for it" said Mr. McCain in and interview with Mac Trueman. The Market Harrison discovered the market in potatoes by looking at his ancestors diet. In the early 19th century in Ireland it was not uncommon for 6.3 kg of potatoes to be eaten by one man alone in a day. Why so great? His Accomplishments His business now sells about $6 billion worth of products in one year. McCain Foods is located in as many as 10 countries Harrison received many honours including the Canadian Business Statesman honour in 1988. Not only was he a good business man, but he was a good man; period. He was involved in many charities, as well as scholarships. A big believer in the chance of education. Type of Entrepreneur McCain Foods Limited is a "Founder" entrepreneurship Harrison McCain is a Opportunistic Entrepreneur because he is not only educated in business skills, but also has technical knowledge of his business. - passion
- self- confidence
- leadership
- adaptability
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