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The Weight of Poverty In America

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chelsey hall

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of The Weight of Poverty In America

Are Americans being Overlooked? The Weight of Poverty In America What Comes to mind...POVERTY??? Breaking Down the Dollars Land of the Free Home of the Broke -Do we think this was an over exaggeration of poverty in America?

-Do we agree with the Governmental definition of what constitutes as poverty in the USA?

-Do you feel as though these Feed The Children Campaigns are a method used to hide what is going on in America with our own issues of poverty by putting the attention else where? What is Poverty in America? The government's definition of poverty is based on total income received

The poverty level for 2012 was set at $23,050 (total yearly income) for a family of four.

Most Americans (58.5%) will spend at least one year below the poverty line at some point between ages 25 and 75.

The rate of the extremely poor—people earning less than half of the official poverty threshold—was constant at 6.6 percent of the population. Know The FACTS! 16,000 Yearly Income
Monthly income: $870
Housing: $459 Studio Apt in Indianapolis
Bills: $275(Food, Transportation,Phone, ect)
$870-$459-$275 = $136

$136 Left after each month

Only $50 short of buying those new Jordans!
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