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Madhumitha Ayyappan

on 14 April 2013

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Transcript of Humanities

Presented by:Shelby,Madhu,Jun Jie Health in Singapore(From the 1960s) What else did the government do to solve the problems then.... Subsidies.... The challenges that government faced.... •Increased level of public hygiene
•Kept spread of infectious disease.
•Healthier population and productive
•Better economic growth and lead to
economic affluence and standard of living. References.... Solution.... Subsidies.....
National Health Plan.... Central Provident Fund(CPF)... 1)comprehensive social security savings plan
2)provides Singaporeans with security and confidence in old age. Medisave..... 1)Introduced in 1984
2)build savings for healthcare needs
3)pay for hospitalisation expenses and outpatient expenses So have these policies met the needs of the people? Yes..... Ensures most people taken care when ill
Medisave etc. reduce monetary concerns
Payment shared by both individuals and government
Lower income groups heavily subsidised
Healthcare in Singapore has better quality http://www.slideshare.net/khooky/managing-healthcare-in-singapore

http://www.slideshare.net/earlgreytea/sec-3-social-studies-chapter-3-singapore •Healthcare is public good.
•Provide basic healthcare for poor.
•Provide quality healthcare.
•Cost of healthcare increases
•How to meet healthcare cost given limited
•Health care provided by individual (own-self or insurance) and employer (through insurance or government taxes) Healthcare at the start of 1960s... • Poor health due to rapid population, insufficient hospitals & clinic, public places unhygienic due to littering and dumping.
• Building programme of hospitals and clinics.
• Island wide copulation (injection) for children.
• Environmental clean up in public areas and campaigns. But were all these solutions effective? National Health Plan However,on the contrary... The need to depend on government
Unemployed people are unable to pay -Also known as NHP in singapore

-Aims to manage long term health care needs

-Residents pay an insurance every year and when they fall sick, they only pay a co-payment for the fees Thank You!!
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