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What CfE Technologies look like in the primary classroom

Introduction to Design and Technology education in Scottish Schools for student teachers

susan mclaren

on 20 January 2013

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Transcript of What CfE Technologies look like in the primary classroom

Technologies in the Curriculum A little bit of History Welcome! Think like a teacher……
create like a designer…..
see like a technologist……..
be a learner…… Note down what you believe to be the purpose and value of technologies education Aims To develop personal confidence in teaching for technological capability
To develop understanding of Technological Capability and CfE Technologies
To develop thinking skills, incorporating issues, values and decision making
To introduce a planning framework of ‘big task’, ‘small task’ and ‘case study task’
To develop approaches that encourage learning through designing in context Purposeful play and useful fun developing thought in action skills play experience with switches
fabrics explore materials observe and play with wide range of natural and
manufactured articles , artefacts and systems cutting
jointing - + random play.......
items which look like....
items which work like and fucntion like... Purpose and structure of task 1993
2009 fantasy exploratory play designerly play Technologies:
creative practical experiences and outcomes in
craft, design, engineering, graphics, food, textiles, business, computer science Technological developments in society I enjoy playing with and exploring technologies to discover what they can do and how they can help us. TCH0-01a.

By exploring and using technologies in the wider world, I can consider the ways in which they help.TCH1-01a    Within and beyond my place of learning, I can reduce,
re-use and recycle resources I use, to help care for the environment.
TCH 0-02a Craft, design, engineering and graphics contexts for developing technological skills and knowledge Within real and imaginary settings, I am developing my practical skills as I select and work with a range of materials, tools and software. TCH 0-12a

Through discovery, natural curiosity and imagination, I explore ways to construct models or solve problems. TCH0-14a skills of learning adaptable creativity enterprising thinking HWB Food Throughout my learning, I share my thoughts with others to help further develop ideas and solve problems TCH0-11a talk about technologies freeplay with kits - large and small
extend with playdough, string, netting , card and paper playfulness party hats I can work with others to generate, discuss and develop imaginative ideas to create a product of the future TCH 1-01 Computing science I am developing problem solving strategies, navigation and co-ordination skills, as I play and learn with electronic games, remote control or programmable toys TCH0-09a/TCH1-09a Purposeful Play and useful fun Throughout my learning, I explore and discover different ways of representing my ideas in imaginative ways TCH0-15a thoughtful responsible confident work with tools and equipment what technologies look like in the classroom note down what you believe to be the value and purpose of Technologies in the curriculum handling collections technologically curious
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