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Hearing Conservation Training

No description

Stephanie Walsh

on 22 July 2015

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Transcript of Hearing Conservation Training

Hearing Conservation Training
Putting in Hearing Protection
What does Hearing Loss Sound Like?
Who doesn't LOVE the Flinstones?!
Howard Max Lite Ear Plugs
EAR Classic Plugs
Radian Eliminator
Why do we have this program?
The purpose of the Trendway Corporation Hearing Conservation Program is to minimize occupational hearing loss by providing hearing protection, training, and annual hearing tests to all persons working in areas or with equipment that have
noise levels equal to or exceeding an eight-hour time-weighted average (TWA) sound limit of 85 dBA
(decibels measured on the A scale of a sound level meter).
What is the max number of dB you can be exposed to for 2 hours?
NIOSH Hearing Loss Simulator
Anyone interested in finding out what their hearing would sound like if they didn't wear any hearing protection?

Age Effect
Years at Trendway
dB Level of Area
Back ground noise
HSE - Hearing Video
The following short animated video clip features 'NAPO' displaying the effects of too much noise in the workplace.
Hearing Frequency Test
Hearing Quiz & Survey
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