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Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

Robotics Engineering/Aerospace Engineering

Samosas Chocolate

on 3 February 2013

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Transcript of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

Robotics/Aerospace Engineering Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Make robots that do specific functions
Industrial robots and service robots
do dirty work- hazardous and/or boring work Robotics Engineering Makes people apply their mind on improving product
Boring work degrades human spirit
Dangerous work could kill them Robotics Engineering (cont.) Both kinds of jobs are same, but deal with different environments
AE research to make objects eco-friendly
More Aeronautical Engineers than Astronautical Engineers Astronautical Engineers (cont.) research and tests new ideas
finds solutions by problem-solving
work in laboratories/field
design products/systems Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math by Prem Krishnaprasad 8-Purple Responsiblities of RE
Evaluation- automated system
Design- robot's functions, environment, endurance
Testing- safety/efficiency of robot
Manufacturing- RE in charge of products to fit client's needs Education
high school: Trigonometry, Physics, Geometry, Algebra, English, Spanish
Activities: Math League, Science Olympiad, Lego League Education (cont.) RE
two years after high school
Research/Development- person needs 4 years (Bachelor's Degree)
Colleges: Brown University, Boston University, Duke University Work Setting of RE 40 hours of work
Work Environment social and safe
RE works in research labratories
Stressful for meeting deadlines Wages and Benefits of RE Starts at $55,000
Range= $71,340 to $111, 860 per year
Includes for sick leave, health insurance, paid vacation, etc. Aerospace Engineering Design parts for spacecraft, aircraft, satellites, and weapons
Two types of AE: Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering Responsibilities of Aerospace Engineer Design- AE sketches blueprints and computer simulations
Assembly- AE oversees all parts of prototype
Testing- shows how object is safe, eco-friendly, and efficient
Repair- If broken, AE in charge of fixing
Other responsibilities- managing budget, tracking resources, scheduling staff Education (cont.) Aerospace Engineering Majoring in Mechanical Engineering (Bachelor's degree- 4 years)
Getting on-the-job guidance from experienced workers
Internships in a 4 year program
Colleges: Boston University, Arizona State University, University of Notre Dame, University of Miami Work Setting AE Requires 40 hours a week
work environment- need to be social towards co-workers and specialists
need to travel to facilities to make sure product is right Wages and Benefits starts at $53,000 a year
more experience=more $ you get
range- $53,000-$134,000
offers sick leave, paid vacation, insurance, etc.
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