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COUN 200 Reality Therapy

No description

heather snell

on 19 January 2015

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Transcript of COUN 200 Reality Therapy

My Inner World
The Picture Album of William Glasser
Born here 1925
William Glasser
Dr William Glasser
CYC Lens
Psycho Dynamic
Individual Psychology
Person Centred
Behavior CBT
Rational Emotive
Balancing Chemical Equations
Equation that represents CHANGE
Ingredients, processes and resulting end states
MUST be balanced
Life as an equation
balancing needs, wants
obeying the rules of reality
Ventura Reformatory for Girls
1962 - 1969
Make education relevant to young people
Abolish grading
Natural progression
Active listening
No excuses
Heather in 1964!
The cult of the individual
Identity Society
Internally motivated
Behavior is purposeful
Everything we DO, FEEL or
THINK comes from inside
Conscious control of emotions
comes through CHOICE
Case studies
"The DSM is the most
destructive book to human
relationships ever written"
Glasser 1980
Choose our TOTAL behavior
Doing Thinking Feeling AND
Our body states
ALL behavior is attempt to
satisfy 1 or more of these
Behavior =
Our BEST attempt to get what we need
Responsible for HOW we choose to meet our needs
Self Determining
Driving Force=distinct identity
"I can't..."
Self critical
Belonging not equal to Self worth
"Loved for behaviors that are wrong do not feel worthwhile ... a child needs to learn that being of subject of someone's love does NOT in and of itself give him or her self worth" Glasser 1993
What would Carl say?
hmmm ...
My name is Carl
Dr Glasser?
A word please?
Success identity
Child is loved, cared for
Learns to love
Opportunities for power, fun and freedom
We need approval?
Are you Fucking crazy??
Needs are genetic
Wants are not
Wants are learned
Wants are the HOW we
think we can meet our needs
Needs and wants?
Need is fun ... wants is swimming
Need is fun ... brain storm .... ?
Need is freedom?
Need to belong?
Need is power?

Are some are 'better' choices than others?
Connect with child's inner world
Inner picture album
3 categories:
Pictures of people they want most
Things they want and prize
The choices of children with failure identity
Depressing or withdrawal: Depressing is a behavior choice
Acting out: A Choice
Thinking disturbances: Choosing to create distortions
Sickness: A choice seeking belonging
What are YOU doing, thinking and feeling?
"Actually it does not matter who makes the plan as long as it is accepted and becomes the child's plan" Glasser
Whose Reality?
"You can't always get what you want ...
But if you try sometime you can get what you need."

Shared wisdom: Mick Jagger and William Glasser!
Welcome to Reality Therapy!
Three R's
Right & Wrong
Support young person
Accept personal responsibility
Accept choices.
Examine what they are doing, thinking and feeling
Is there a better way to function
Learn self-evaluation tools
Examine inner picture album
? better ways to meet needs
Plan to get what need by making positive choices
Good start ... Everything begins with choices ...
Oh no ... its not about the WHY
Its knowing we ARE our choices
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