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Steve Rice

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of Missional

The Missional Church Breaking News Things are changing New Reality #1 The Current Church Culture is collapsing Not the church - but the church culture 80% of church support (monetary) comes from those 55+ 26% of Americans go to Church (weekly) the percentage drops the lower you go down the generational chain 90% of active high schoolers in youth groups will not attend church by the time they are sophmores in college. 1/3 will never come back. (Dawson McAlister) The Post-Modern AGe The church culture has become so secularized, there is an underlying assumption that we don't need God to run the church. People do not want a powerless God. Church activity is a poor substitue for genuine spiritual vitality We can build the perfect church, and they will still not come. the reason is - people outside the church think church is for church people Q. What is the mission of the Church?
A. The mission of the Church is to restore all people to
unity with God and each other in Christ. should This term be redundant @ St Timothy's Communication is ineffective Volunteers/Ministers are from a small network Outreach is a struggle Adult Formation in terms of small groups is non-existent And yet...we are the fortunate ones The Answer is not:

More staff
More money
More 'education' Think about when Jesus came on to the scene No one really believed in the institutional religion of the Roman/Greek gods anymore Judaism was controlled by two parties, the Sadducees (who had sold out to secularism and materialism) and the Pharisees (who produced a dead religion of the moral high ground with God) Is is much different now? What would happen if Jesus returned to the scene?
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