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Problem Based Learning

No description

Madeline Taubkin

on 17 June 2013

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Transcript of Problem Based Learning

Illegal Immigration
Madeline Taubkin, Sophia Caputo, Omar Faruk
The Immigration Nation
Problem Statement
How can we help illegal immigrants build a new life in the U.S.A in such a way that we don't harm our own society?
"Commentator: Illegal immigration hurts the economy | Marketplace.org." Marketplace from American Public Media: Business, The Economy, Personal Finance, Wall Street and World News. N.p., n.d. Web. 30 May 2013. <http://www.marketplace.org/topics/elections/commentary/commentator-illegal-immigration-hurts-economy>.
"The High Cost of Cheap Labor | Center for Immigration Studies." Center for Immigration Studies | Low-immigration, Pro-immigrant. N.p., n.d. Web. 30 May 2013. <http://www.cis.org/High-Cost-of-Cheap-Labor>.
"The Causes of Illegal Immigration—Part II | The Reasoned Society." The Reasoned Society | Rational critique on issues of the day. N.p., n.d. Web. 3 June 2013. <http://thoughtdigest.wordpress.com/2010/07/16/the-causes-of-illegal-immigration-part-ii/>.
"Andrew McIndoe: The Effects of Illegal Immigration on Society." Andrew McIndoe. N.p., n.d. Web. 6 June 2013. <http://andrewmcindoe.blogspot.com/2005/12/effects-of-illegal-immigration-on.html>.
The Case for Public Schools by Horace Man

Key Terminology
Introduction Scenario
Concept Map
 Immigrants
 Mexican government
 U.S. citizens
 U.S. government
 Security guards at the boarder
 The unemployed
 Laborers
 Employers
 People who need laborers for jobs
 Taxpayers
 Education/Schools
 Hospitals
 Available Jobs
 Businesses
 The Economy

- a person who comes to a country to take up permanent residence

- an inhabitant of a city or town; especially : one entitled to the rights and privileges of a free man

- Careful, thrifty management of resources, such as money, materials, or labor

- something that follows as a result or consequence
Illegal- not according to or authorized by law; not sanctioned by official rules

- the complex of political institutions, laws, and customs through which the function of governing is carried out

- Judging people because they are different
- human activity that provides the goods or services in an economy

- preconceived judgment or opinion: an adverse opinion or leaning formed without just grounds or before sufficient knowledge

- to make legal; especially : to give legal validity or sanction to
- a binding custom or practice of a community: a rule of conduct or action prescribed
- a good chance for advancements or progress
What We Know/Found
Self Evaluation
Madeline Taubkin
Self Evaluation
Sophia Caputo
Self Evaluation
Omar Faruk
Five W's
Human Resource/Interview
 Immigrants
 U.S. citizens
 Employers
 Illegal Immigration in the U.S.
 People crossing the border
 United States
 Mexico
 Latin America
 Present
 Past
 Future (a prediction)

 Looking for opportunities (education, medical, jobs, etc.)
 Have a better life

In the mature and understanding point of our lives, we can see the massive quantity of problems that revolve around our heads, constantly bothering us, all the time. Among these problems, the topic of Illegal Immigrants seem to make most of our society wonder if they should have the same opportunities and possibilities as U.S. citizens stands out the most. We chose this topic because of the mass amount of debate between different people and their opinions about the problem, how can we help illegal immigrants build a new life in the U.S.A in such a way that we don't harm our own society? This topic is very important to me and our group because of how it affects the United States, because of the amount of change brought to every aspect and matter in our country. The people siding with illegal immigrants say, "At one time we were all immigrants", which is true for some cases of our people. Have you ever wondered about your ancestry and about hard times that your ancestors or relatives have been through? The topic of illegal immigration will surely surprise you with the alarming facts of America's history and present that you may have never known.
-Illegal Immigrants come to the U.S. in hopes of a better life and greater oppurtunities.
-Immigrants don't have the same rights as U.S. Citizens.
-U.S. citizens have many rights such as the right to vote, run for president, etc.
-To become naturalized(to become a citizen) you have to take special tests and exams.
-Illegal Immigrants don't pay taxes
-The amount of illegal immigrants is huge and it is increasing.
-Illegal Immigrants take jobs that unemployed U.S. Citizens could have taken.
-Some of the illegal immigrants are coming from mexico
-Illegal Immigrants risk their lives coming here.
-Illegal Immigrants demand U.S. Citizen's rights.

What we Know
What we Need to Find Out
- What is causing these people to leave?
- Which U.S. Rights are they excluded from?
- Government Reasoning
- What are the Negative effects?
- Where are most of the people coming from?
- What are the social classes of the people coming to the U.S?
- The increase over time of illegal immgrants coming to the U.S.
- Has there neen a recent change in the leader that could cause them to leave their homes.
- What transportaion method do they use to arrive here?
- We need to find a solution to this problem
Illegal immigration has many financial and economic impacts. There are about ten to twelve million illegal immigrants currently in this country and more illegal aliens are coming everyday. This has major consequences on the United States government such as the fiscal deficit (debt). The primary reason they contribute to the deficit is they are generally less educated and make small incomes, therefore they contribute less to taxes. Another way illegal aliens pay less taxes is they do jobs for people without telling the government (just paying cash), making them not required to pay taxes. This method of work and pay is called "off the books" or paying "under the table". However, they use many of the United States social services such as free school lunches, food stamps, treatment for the uninsured, etc. These social services should go to legal U.S. citizens that really need these programs (low income and senior citizens). In addition, the money illegal immigrants make in the U.S. is often sent back to their home countries, not being put back into the United States government, therefore adding to the deficit. As well as social services illegal aliens take jobs that legal U.S. citizens should have.This increases the unemployment rate in the United States. Also the direct cost of illegal immigration adds to the government's fiscal deficit. Our government has to pay for law enforcement, jail for caught illegal aliens, and deportation of illegal immigrants. Households with illegal immigrants cost the government $23.3 billion, but only pay $16 billion in taxes. This creates a debt on the United States of about $10.4 billion or $2,700 per household. As you can see, illegal aliens create a major fiscal dificit on the U.S. government.
Illegal immigrants are generally uneducated and make small incomes, therefore paying less taxes if they are not citizens.
Many immigrants cross the U.S. border.
There are numerous causes to illegal immigration. The biggest cause is poverty. Illegal immigrants leave their homes because of the terrible lives they have been leading. They search for opportunity or even just a chance to start over. Another cause is overpopulation. "In Mexico alone, population has grown from 13.6 million in 1900 to 107 million in 2007." This can lead to a shortage of food, water, medical care, or any other essentials that humans need. Family reunification is also a huge aspect in illegal immigration. Usually the man in the family leaves to find a job and/or anything else he is seeking in the U.S. If he does find work, he would send some money back to his family, so they could save up to come live in America. This causes families and families to immigrate, rather than just one person in the family. Immigrants can sometimes leave their home because of wars or bad things happening in their country, making it easier to leave for a new life. Unemployment is also playing apart in illegal immigration. Immigrants can migrate over to the U.S. in hopes of jobs to create a salary and start a life. Lastly, opportunity, hunger, being poor, homelessness and overall unhappiness our some of the more specific reasons/causes in illegal immigration, but they are all included in poverty. The causes to illegal immigration are endless and this information can be used to create solutions to the problem.
A lot of people agree that immigrants don't change much in the economy.
Effects of illegal immigration are both positive and negative. A beneficial thing that immigrants do is that they help cultural diversity spread around the world. As they come from their homes in foreign countries and come to the U.S., the immigrants can give us ideas from their diverse culture. Also, U.S. employers can give them unwanted jobs by the Americans. Without the laborers, that are usually made up of illegal immigrants, there would not be the end product that we are all used to (harvesting, farming etc.). Unfortunately, there are some negative effects to illegal immigration. There are jobs that are taken by immigrants instead of legal citizens. Some American citizens get angered by the fact that, while there are so many people unemployed, that people who aren’t even registers in the U.S. are taking opportunities meant for them. I don’t agree with this, but I do understand their reasoning. Lastly, illegal immigrants raise educational costs. Because illegal immigrants aren’t citizens when they come here, they don’t pay taxes while they are using our resources. If they have kids, the children would be citizens and be able to get and education without the parents paying taxes for them. In conclusion, illegal immigrants can have both a positive and negative effect on the U.S., but I think that they balance each other out.
Illegal immigrants started to pose a problem as early 1875, giving a good amount of times for at least one or two generations. This means that the children of these illegal immigrants, or those children who still have their illegal immigrant parents, must be a citizen since they were born in the United States. As Illegal Immigrants make a big change in the American Government electing as they affect a candidate whether they can be chosen for that specific position they are politically fighting for. For example, this past presidential election, with Mitt Romney against Barack Obama, Romney lost because of this very illegal immigration issue. Romney took an anti-immigrant legalization stance earlier in his campaign, so, voters with illegal immigrants in their families voted against Romney and that led him to his collapse and failure of the Presidential Election. As you can see, if the illegal immigration problem increases too drastically, than it can easily make a big opinion and siding with that specific candidate, this method can be negatively use to harm America's government and possibly make that the downfall cause of the U.S. Government.

In Washington, eight senators have been working hard and diligently trying to make our nation's eleven million illegal immigrants to be allowed to possess a Legal Status in America. To this face of the Illegal Immigration Problem, granting these eleven million people a Legal Status will entitle them to being able to work for money, but however, they are prevented from receiving federal public benefits which include food stamps, family cash assistance, Medicaid, and unemployment insurance. For example, the amount of 'freedom' they are receiving is being bent so much that Nevada's Republic governor signed a bill to authorize Driving Privilege Cards

When illegal immigrants from Mexico illegally cross the border, they always carry around something that is a necessity to take. This is because when you illegally travel somewhere, especially from Mexico to America, you have to walk across vast deserts and in the heat of the sun. As you can see in the pictures, they do leave a lot of trash and that gets certain state's aggravated. The Arizona Bureau of Land Management states that only in 2009, environmental groups collected over 234 tons of trash, 800 tires, 404 bicycles, and 62 vehicles left from illegal immigrants crossing the border. This poses as a major negative outcome and negatively affects the Illegal Immigrants' overall and how we see them. However, once all these Illegal Immigrants come to America, they can redeem themselves by working in multiple jobs which obviously improve the economic state. These jobs usually include labor, and are the jobs that the American people don't want and avoid. Among these jobs, there is a chance that a lot of the illegal immigrants will do work that will actually help the overall environmental status.

Many Illegal Immigrants leave behind trash when crossing the border.

When this project was announced to our Period 7 class, I was a little aghast to see the amount of work given since there was a substantial amount of papers and different things to do that this projected seemed very overwhelming to a single person. However, when it was announced that it was a group, it reassured me to know that there are two other people working with me. After we all organized our jobs and what we each had to do, I felt better because the project that once used to seem an overwhelming burden, has now become a simple task to accomplish easily. I think that we did a good job turning things in and completing our work in the right amount of time and in the correct fashion. In prediction, I think we did a good job in successfully accomplishing our tasks during this project.

Illegal immigration in the United States affects society in many ways. One of the biggest impacts is federal, state, and local economies. Most illegal aliens come to the United States in search of a job because there are limited jobs in their own country. This may be a result of their country being overpopulated. There are too many people and not enough jobs. Illegal immigrants are sometimes so desperate for work that they are willing to work for low wages. As a result, employers would rather hire an illegal immigrant than a legal citizen who would expect higher pay. Studies have shown that this has resulted in the unemployment rate increasing and work conditions decreasing. Another big impact is the affect to the health care industry. Illegal immigrants tend to use healthcare services more than they contribute to them. Their low wages result in very little taxes payed. The money the government uses to provide these services is supported mostly by taxes. Illegal aliens also bring lots of diseases to this country from their original country. Most of these diseases we have already eliminated or controlled. It makes the health care cost of legal U.S. citizens more expensive since they are paying for the difference for the illegal immigrants, who cannot afford it. Lastly, public education is also strongly impacted. Every year schools around the U.S. are making budget cuts. The number of immigrants entering public schools is on the rise causing more budget cuts, an increase in teachers being laid off, larger class sizes and fewer classroom supplies. As you can see illegal aliens have many affects on society.
As I was given this assignment I thought that I wasn’t going to be able to do it and it was too challenging. I hadn’t been assigned something like this before, so I was a little uneasy about the whole thing, but I was up for the new challenge. After getting started I actually started to enjoy learning more about the topic of illegal immigration. I felt that this project helped me learn how to set goals for myself and actually meet them. With other projects I knew that if I didn’t achieve my goals I would just do it tomorrow or the next day, but with this assignment if you don’t achieve your goal you’re letting the entire group down. I thought being in a group would be another challenge. It turns out my group members are very hardworking and when you want to have something done by a certain date everyone had it done by that date or even earlier. I felt that I was very hard working as well and contributed to the project positively in many ways. I thought I was very persistent and accomplished a lot throughout the course of this project. As a whole I think our project came out very clean and well written. Hopefully, you will think so too.
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Where is your housekeeper from? Do you know what part of Mexico?

"She's from a farming area several hours outside of Mexico City."

Does she have any other family members who have immigrated to the U.S.?

"She came over to join her aunt about 15 years ago. She was 18 when she came here. She lived with her aunt for a few years but her aunt was homesick so she went back to Mexico. My housekeeper loves the USA and decided to stay here on her own. She has a daughter who is about 12 who was born in the USA. Therefore, her daughter is an American citizen."

Do you know why she left Mexico? Or what she came here for?

"She left Mexico because it was hard to earn a living where she lived. She was ambitious and wanted more out of life than what was available to her. She's been working toward becoming an American citizen and hopes to go to nursing school to become a nurse. Her daughter is an honors student in middle school and is in their advance placement/honors program and is on
the STEM track. She wants to be a doctor, veterinarian, or an engineer.
She speaks English, Spanish and is learning Korean (Koreans are the largest minority in her public middle school)."

How did she make it over to the U.S?

"She crossed over the border with a group of people and walked through the desert for days - very dangerous."

Has she been excluded from getting anything because she's not an American citizen?

"She's not entitled to a drivers license."

"She pays income taxes (as most do who are on the path to citizenship) but isn't entitled to any benefits because she is not an American citizen. She's on a long list to becoming an American citizen that will take years because there are so many people ahead of her. She can't fly on a plane because she has no drivers license. She can't go home to Mexico to visit her family because she can't get a passport. She hasn't seen her parents in 15 years. But they Skype regularly. Her daughter has gone back to Mexico (because she's an American citizen and can travel freely) to visit her grandparents but she has to travel alone (by plane). She did that the first time when she was 10."

Since you live in California where there are so many illegal immigrants, she also wants to know what your viewpoint is on illegal immigration?

"Illegal immigrants shouldn't be here (that's why they're called "illegal") but sometimes its their only option if they want to earn a living. Most come here illegally to work and they send some money back to their families in Mexico because they're very poor.

Most illegal immigrants do the jobs that Americans don't want to do like working on farms to harvest crops (picking lettuce, apples, nectarines, grapes, etc...) or they do other manual labor jobs like work in restaurants washing dishes, maids in hotels, gardeners, etc...

If an illegal immigrant has a baby in the USA the baby is automatically an American citizen. If you tried to send the mother (or father) back to Mexico the child would be left in the USA on their own. Since the US government doesn't want to break up families it makes the situation difficult to resolve.

The best way to solve the problem is to prevent illegal immigrants from entering the USA in the first place. Once they're living here as productive citizens with jobs and families it's hard to send them back to their home country - especially if they have kids that were born in the USA. That's why the illegal immigrant situation is so hard to resolve."

Interview (Continued)
At the beginning of this problem based learning project, I wasn't sure what to think. I had never seen a project like this before, and wasn't exactly sure how we were going to accomplish it. But after I was assigned a subject, and I had met my group members, the project seemed to fall into place. My group members were very efficient and that was how our roject was comleted. They did a great, quality job on their assignments, and were always on time. As we got involved in the project, the work seemed to become less accumulative, and was quickly being finished. It was very organized and that made it easier. At the end of the project, I think that our group should be proud of what we have done, especially because of the way we viewed it in the beginning. This was an enjoyable project and I think its end product was exactly what we had invisioned and it worked out very well.
A lot of illegal immigrants come to the United States to get an education, but cannot. They are denied the opportunity of being educated. I do understand the reasoning for being deprived of education because they are not citizens, but I think there is an easier way that will include everyone’s thoughts. Even though many people are against legalizing immigrants, making them citizens would help the whole cause of denied education and it would benefit the U.S. When illegal immigrants move to America and have kids, those kids are costing the rest of the community money through taxes. If the parents were made citizens they would pay taxes for school, and the cost would be equal. Immigrant’s education can also help America with knew inventions and inspirations. As Horace Man stated in The Case for Public Schools, “If a savage will learn how to swim, he can fasten a dozen pounds’ weight to his back, and transport across a narrow river, or other body of water of moderate length. If he will invent an axe, or other instrument, by which he can use to cut down a tree for a float, and one of its limbs for a paddle, and can thus transport many times the former weight, many times the former distance.” This means that if immigrants were able to get an education, they could benefit the world in some other way. Illegal immigrants education is crucial and can even improve America.
Education Picture
If 58% of immigrants come to the U.S. for education, they are not going to want to harm it.

After a lot of research our group has come up with a way to try to hel illegal immigrants without harming our own society. The U.S. should try to imrove Mexico, so that having too many immigrants in America wont be a problem. Because so many people have been coming here for our resources (jobs, education, medical care, oppurtunity, etc), why not give Mexico some of those things to help immigrants' lives? Some people would say that it would cost our falling economy too much money, but with the money we are already using to fund the illegal immigrants' lives in America, it would balance each other out. We do have a small back up solution if this one can't follow through. If illegal immigrants keep coming and people think that they are costing the U.S. money, we should make it easier to become citizens and not deport them if they are illegal. When made citizens, these immigrants would pay taxes, and insurance, and any other essientials that they need just like everybody else. Although they could be costing the government money because of how many immigrants there are, they would give it right back. We do have to remember that we were all immigrants once, and that we shouldn't look at Mexican immigrants with hateful eyes. American's accepting illegal immigrants would be a huge step forward in history for us. Illegal immigrants dont have to be such a big problem in the U.S., and to help the cause, I think that improving Mexico could drastically effect the way we look at illegal immigrants, and how we treat them.
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