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Evan Emenegger

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of Analogies

An analogy is a way of stating a comparative relationship between two sets of terms
Is to help explain the relationship between two objects in a set (A and B) by comparing them to the relationship between another set (C and D)
First, We Must Understand the Original Relationship
What is the relationship between Day and Night?
Our own:
Day is to Night as __________ is to _________
Mother is to Child as _______ is to ____________
Wheel is to Bicycle as _________ is to __________
A heart's relationship with blood is analogous to a pump's relationship with water.
I'm afraid, I just don't quite understand Mr. E
Mother & Child?
Bicycle & Wheel?
Five Types of Relationships:
Member to a Group
Varying Degrees
Cause & Effect
Words that have the same or similar meanings
Happy is to joyous as cruel is to
Melancholic is to sad as irritated is to
Cold is to freezing as hot is to
Words that have opposite meaning
Day is to night as fun is to
Intelligent is to dumb as apathetic is to
Careless is to meticulous as normal is to
abnormal, strange, weird
Member to a Group
Apple is to fruit as broccoli is to
Cause & Effect
One of the words is a cause that makes the other happen
Varying Degrees
The relationship starts with A being less than or greater than B and C and D following the same pattern
The first word belongs to the group or category that is named in the second
Convertible is to a
as a yacht is to
a boat!
Symbolically it looks like this:
a > b :: c > d or a < b :: c < d
Warm is to
as cool is to
Upset is to
as funny is to
A match is to
as a shove is to a
Statement 1
The sticky hand-prints on the wall and the spilled jelly on the floor were evidence of the child’s transgression;
his mother would not approve of the mess he had made.
Statement 2
Talking in Mr. Reynold’s class was the ultimate transgression; students who broke this rule were sure to
receive a chastisement.

Which analogical statement below correctly illustrates the relationship between transgression and
A Transgression is to chastisement as grief is to tears.
B Transgression is to chastisement as illness is to health.
C Transgression is to chastisement as fortune is to wealth.
D Transgression is to chastisement as kindness is to sincerity
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