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No description

Thomas Xu

on 4 April 2014

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Transcript of FLORIDAAA!!!!!!!

-Swanee River (State song)
Hello and welcome to my presentation on the state Florida!
Points of interest (Finally :D)
-Google images
Geography & Population *snore*
- Total area of 170 304 km²
by: Thomas
-24°30'N to 31°N longitude, and 79°48'W to 87°38'W latitude
-Capital is Tallahassee
-Southeastern region
-Tallest point about 105m (Britton Hill)
-Largest city: Jacksonville
-Most magical place on earth is in Florida (Walt Disney World Resort [I've been there]).
-Most "Universal" Theme park resort (I've been there as well).
-If you love skiing and beaches, then Miami is the place for you!
-Kennedy Space center is located in Florida as well. All human space flights were launched by it.
CLIMATE! Siri should I wear a- oh wait Keren already did that
-Florida is a rather hot and rainy country.
-In Winter the lowest temperatures of northern Florida can be about 5°C at most, and the highs of winter in southern Miami can reach 25°C IN WINTER!!!
-Personal experience; I went to Walt Disney World Resort Orlando during march break, and it was already 22°C average.
If going to Florida, I recommend going in winter time to Miami, and in colder areas go in late spring. Fall can be a bit chilly in the northern areas but generally fall would be a nice time to go to Orlando.
-One of the rainiest states with a mean of 60 inches (136 cm) of water estimated per state, per year.
-Florida is known for its vast amount of orange exports
-Most oranges and orange juice you see in the market are probably either from Florida, California or Brazil.
-The top 5 imported items of Florida are: Gold, Petroleum Oil, Cellular and wireless Phones, Petroleum engine oil, and Passenger vehicles.
-The citrus industry creates about $9 Billion a year and makes over 76,000 job positions.
-The top 5 most exported items via Florida are: Gold, Civilian aircraft, engines and parts, Cellular and wireless phones, Processors and controllers, and DI AMMONIUM HYDROGEN ORTHOPHOSPHATE (DAP).
-Corn and tomatoes are other quite important products from Florida. I guess you could say Florida is the farm of U.S-ia (America).
-If you love nature there are the Floridan Everglades; a series of natural wetlands.
-Florida is one of the top 3 visited states along with California and New York State.
-Is nicknamed the "sunshine state" and for a good reason too.
-The motto of Florida is "In God We Trust".
-The governor of Florida is Rick Scott.
-The national flower is the Orange Blossom.
-Florida turned into a state on March 3, 1845 (as the 27th State)

1. Largest city of Florida?
2. What's the approximate population of Florida?
3. What's the most well known item exported from Florida?
4. Name 3 attractions I have mentioned in this presentation
5. When was Florida discovered?
6. Official flower of Florida?
*Bonus* Who discovered Florida? (Full name)
-Discovered in 1513 by Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de León
White (includes White Hispanics) 75.0%
African-American 16.0%
Asian 2.4%
Native 0.4%
Native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islanders 0.1%
Other race 3.6%
Two or more races 2.5%
-Approximately 20 million people
-You can't commit any “unnatural/special acts” with another person, and you can't fart in public after 6 PM.
- 43°C is the recorded highest temperature in Monticello in 1931
- Disney's Hollywood arts
- Epcot, huge science convention
-Giant shopping plaza for people who love to shop and eat at downtown disney
-Magic kingdom park filled with fun activities and rides
-Awesome fireworks and presentations
-H̶u̶g̶e̶ ̶w̶a̶t̶e̶r̶ ̶p̶a̶r̶k̶ ̶a̶s̶ ̶w̶e̶l̶l̶ Make that two
-Meet all your favorite Disney characters
-Also has an awesome sports complex for all you jocks out there
-National bird is the Northern Mockingbird
-State mammal Florida Panther
-Lowest point: Sea level
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